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Tana Mongeau Confirms She’ll Join The Reality House Season 3

It’s happening, it’s really happening. Kian Lawley and JC Caylen have been dying to get her on board with the show. However, she bailed out in the first two seasons. Imari Stuart must have been the driving force behind her decision because we are getting Tana Mongeau in The Reality House season 3. OMG! can […]

The Reality House Season 2 Is Bigger & Better

Four episodes of The Reality House season 2 are already out and I’m late to the party. But it is still not that late if you are thinking to start it too. Kian and JC, the besties Kian Lawley and JC Caylen, have done it again. In the previous season, people got to see their […]

Kian & JC’s The Reality House First Eliminations & A Surprise

Kian and JC are giving all other YouTubers a major FOMO by hosting The Reality House. It is a Big Brother Inspired reality show which has 12 YouTubers and 1 Elijah Daniels. The first episode went on air last Friday on 19th July. All the 13 contestants made introductions and they were busy enjoying the […]