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Dan Levy shares his struggle with anxiety and mental health

Dan Levy, the Schitt’s Creek co-creator and star, has opened up about something very personal in his life. That is his struggle with anxiety. The Canadian actor and writer explain that he has been dealing with anxiety ever since he was young. Dan Levy also thinks that a lot of the anxiety may be because […]

When Is Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Coming To Netflix?

Pop Television viewers might be in luck, but others would have to wait. With no confirmed date in sight, can we at least get to predict? When is Schitt’s Creek season 6 coming to Netflix? All we know right now is that the final season of the comedy sitcom is has an emotional season finale […]

Noah Reid Releases His First Track: Honesty

Noah Reid, a 32-year-old Canadian, won our hearts when he played Patrick Brewer in Schitt’s Creek. But sadly it will soon end, as the sixth season is the last. It should be noted that he is not only a talented actor but also an incredible singer. Previously, he released his first album “Songs from a […]

Annie Murphy Performs A little bit Alexis on Kelly Clarkson Show

It’s been a while since we saw Alexis Rose on our screens. Though, the actress behind the genius character, Annie Murphy, has a treat for us. She recently attended the ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ and performed ‘A Little Bit Alexis’. Might I say, my eyes and ears have been blessed? Not only that, but she […]

Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek Hosts the GQ Best Stuff of 2019

For more than a decade, GQ Magazine has been hosting its annual award for a very unique category. Here, the magazine assembles a list of best items it has used and rates it accordingly. They call it GQ Best Stuff and for 2019, they brought in special kind of help. Dany Levy from Schitt’s Creek […]

Schitt’s Creek’s Noah Reid Performing On 2nd August

Sawdust City Music Festival for 2019 is set to start on August 2, 2019 and it will end on August 4, 2019. The location for the event is Sawdust City Brewery Co., Gravenhurst Canada. The Sawdust City Music Festival will be celebrating its 3rd birthday this year. And this time, you will also have Schitt’s […]

Possible Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Release Date

We have some goods news and we have some bad news. Schitt’s Creek was renewed for season 6, yay! But it will end with this season, not yay. But it certainly had a good run. We’ve gotten quite good on speculating on the release dates of different TV shows. Let’s see when we can expect […]

Elton John Has To Guest Star in Schitt’s Creek Season 6

Ever since we heard the bittersweet news that Schitt’s Creek was going to have another season which was going to be its last, we are confused on what to feel. The show revolving around the fictitious Rose family certainly gave us a lot of laughs. It was so great to see the character development occurring […]

Stacey Farber Thinks Daniel Levy Took His Skincare Regime Too Far

We have all indulged ourselves in some questionable skincare routines from time to time in an effort to get a flawless skin as we see in South Korean models. Celebrities are not too different from us it seems. Recently, Schitt’s Creek starrer Daniel Levy has taken a jab at a special skincare routine. Or perhaps, […]