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F is for Family season 4 release date is in March or April 2020

F is for Family season 4 release date is something that we have all been wondering ever since the third season ended. Admit it or not, there is something captivating about Frank Murphy’s unique bitter approach to life. He’s presented as an antihero but you end up rooting for him. It’s easy to forgive him […]

Sherlock Season 5 Release Date | Is It Coming?!

Steven Moffat managed to give us a brand new show that had the whole world hooked on it. It was a modern retelling of the classic Sherlock Holmes tales that blew everyone away. It wasn’t just because of Benedict Cumberbatch’s brilliant acting or Martin Freeman’s perfect portrayal of John Watson. In fact, it was about […]

Workin Moms Season 4 Release Date is Here | What to Expect

It’s finally happening. We got CBC’s Workin Moms season 4 release date. Yes, that’s right. Catherine Reitman and his group of mom friends are going to reprise their roles in the iconic comedy show sooner than you’d expect. Related: Catherine Reitman, Creator of Workin Moms Receives an Honour Workin Moms Season 4 Release Date Announced […]

All Details of Sherlock Holmes 3 Movie Starring Robert Downey Jr.

The topic of long-awaited Sherlock Holmes 3 movie is surfacing on the Internet yet again as more details arrive. Fandomwire has done an exclusive report over the Warner Bros’ movie which stars Robert Downey Jr. The last Sherlock Holmes movie came out in 2011, titled Game of Shadows. Hence, it would be a full decade […]