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Blaire White Condemns Shane Dawson’s actions and calls him monster

As we all know, Shane Dawson’s career is taking a major blow. This is due to the resurfacing of his old problematic behavior. Shane’s old videos show him making racist, homophobic, and pedophilic jokes in the past. Recently, a video of him making an awful joke targeted at a then eleven-year-old Willow Smith has made […]

Shane Dawson apologizes for Blackface, Pedophilia jokes and James Charles Drama

After Jenna Marbles’ honest video of taking accountability for her actions and making a sudden decision to quit YouTube, Shane Dawson also takes accountability. In a 20 minute video, titled as  ‘Taking Accountability’, Shane sincerely apologizes for all of the past mistakes in his YouTube career. He even apologizes for putting on Blackface, using racial […]