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Malu Trevejo reveals her mom is an alcoholic who emotionally abuses her

TikTok star and popular singer Malu Trevejo recently revealed shocking facts about her life on her live-stream. Finally breaking down after years of dealing with it, Malu shares that her mother is actually an alcoholic that has emotionally hurt her multiple times. The live-stream clips were shared by YouTube commentator Def Noodles. Related: Malu Trevejo […]

James Charles Tests his Parenting Skills by Adopting a Kid for a Day

Umm, I don’t even know where I should start. We all know that James Charles is a versatile content creator. As he is always coming up with new ideas and collaborations. Last week, James Charles collaborated with the ‘Say So’ singer ‘Doja Cat’. And this time James went over the top and literally adopted his […]

Lorelai Gilmore’s 5 Good & 5 Bad Mom Moments

Gilmore Girls is a TV show that got super popular because of its quirky script and the amazing mother-daughter duo. Lorelai Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham, was 16 years old when she got pregnant with her daughter, Rory. And the story begins when Rory turns 16. And although some people might say Lorelai was the […]