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Nessa Barrett Says She Has No Beef With Mads Lewis

Nessa Barrett, American singer, and TikTok star, has been recently involved in a bit of drama with her ex-best friend Mads Lewis. It is not something new to their fans because the drama between these two comes and goes. Mads Lewis is also a famous TikTok star. Barrett and Lewis were once best friends until […]

Nessa Barrett Responds to Claims Jaden Hossler Cheated on Her

As we all know, Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler are insanely famous. And they have millions of followers between them on TikTok alone! As a result, fans totally ship the two in the long run. They even collaborated on the song La Di Die. However, their relationship had a pretty rocky start. And the cause […]

Tana Mongeau Roasts Josh Richards About Him Cheating on Nessa Barrett

Tana Mongeau always has something to say. And most often, her take on things leaves us in stitches. The influencer, content creator, and co-host of the Cancelled podcast made an appearance on The Roast of Bryce Hall. And her appearance definitely made an impact! Taking inspiration from the hit Comedy Central shows where celebrities get […]

Nessa Barrett haunts her ex-boyfriend in new track IHYMUYD

A few months back, there was a huge relationship drama in the TikTok community when Mads Lewis posted a tiktok to “expose” Nessa Barrett. Mads had been throwing shade at her since then, mostly for stealing “her” then-boyfriend Jaden Hossler. On the other hand, Josh Richards stated that Nessa was taking a break from their […]

Addison Rae reveals that she is proud of Nessa Barrett

Despite the fact that TikTok is full of drama and non-stop fights, Addison Rae seems to be changing the norm. Recently, she posted a comment on Nessa Barrett’s Instagram which got people talking. While it is unclear if the two are friends in real life or just Instagram pals posting encouraging comments on each other’s […]

Charli D’Amelio addresses claims of making fun of Nessa Barrett

Most of you might know Charli D’Amelio as the very famous TikToker. Recently she posted a TikTok and people are saying that she made fun of Nessa Barret in the video. Charli addressed the claims and said that she doesn’t have any bad blood with anyone. It’s no secret that Charli is beautiful and has […]

Nessa Barrett drags ex-boyfriend Josh Richards in Counting Crimes

Nessa Barrett has been trending on the internet for quite a while now. Initially, it was due to her relationship with Josh Richards. However, later on, she started her musical career, broke up with her then-boyfriend, and within a few weeks started dating Jaden Hossler. Jaden and Josh had always been close friends but seems […]