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Jeffree Star’s Ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt Misses ‘Daddy’

No one needs an introduction to Jeffree Star’s long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt. Though they both called it quits at the beginning of 2020. But Nathan is always going to stay in the good books of all J-Star fans for being a very decent and reasonable partner. We all know that Nathan didn’t like the spotlight […]

Jeffree Star drags Ex-Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in current drama

I guess we all were wrong while thinking Jeffree Star will never say ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt’s name again. More than four months ago, Jeffree shaded ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in a YouTube video while referring to the ‘Aston Martin’ drama. He was having a heart-to-heart moment with his assistant who said “It’s sad what you do […]

Did Jeffree Star make Ex Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt sign an NDA?

As we all know that Jeffree Star parted ways with his long term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in early January. The beauty guru even posted a video on his YouTube channel to announce the news of his break up publicly. Jeffree has even addressed his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt a couple of times in his videos and […]

Who Leaked Nathan Schwandt’s Explicit Photo?

For all those people who don’t know about Nathan Schwandt, he is Jeffree Star’s ex-boyfriend. Nathan’s ex disclosed the news of their breakup right after moving together in the million-dollar mansion. He also mentioned in the breakup video that he is finding it really hard to deal with the whole situation. On the other hand, […]

Are Jeffree Star Fans Being Unfair To Nathan Schwandt?

As you all know it’s been more than three months now since Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt have parted ways. Things were going fine until last week. Jeffree Star changed the description of an old video along with the title. Then he changed the title back to the original and removed the description totally. The […]