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Dan Levy shares his struggle with anxiety and mental health

Dan Levy, the Schitt’s Creek co-creator and star, has opened up about something very personal in his life. That is his struggle with anxiety. The Canadian actor and writer explain that he has been dealing with anxiety ever since he was young. Dan Levy also thinks that a lot of the anxiety may be because […]

Zoe LaVerne Checks Herself into a Hospital

Another development has taken place in the Zoe LaVerne case. Zoe is facing outrage after she was seen kissing an underage fan in a viral video online. Her mother even ended up defending her. Afterward, Zoe and her victim, Connor Joyce both came on Instagram Live separately to explain the situation. Zoe apologized for her […]

Jaclyn Glenn urges Shane Dawson to help Eugenia Cooney

Jaclyn Glenn has broken her silence on Eugenia Cooney again. Ever since Shane Dawson made a video on her return, Eugenia has started to appear thinner in her videos. That has led to many fans thinking that she has relapsed into her old eating disorder. She went to rehab when Jaclyn Glenn and her other […]

Madison Beer opens up about mental health and self harm

The 21-years-old Madison Beer arrived at BOA Steakhouse recently to celebrate her one-year anniversary of staying clean from self-harm. The American singer became a music sensation at the age of 13 when Justin Bieber tweeted one of her covers’ link. Since then, she has gathered a huge fan following. Madison was diagnosed for Borderline Personality […]

Nessa Barrett opens up about her mental health and bipolar disorder

Nessa Barrett is one of the rising talents that are showing her skills through TikTok and musical career. Many people know Nessa due to her association with the Sway Boys, specifically Josh Richards as both of them dated for a few months. She is also famous for her association with Chase Hudson and the Hype […]

How Ethan Dolan climbed out of his Acne Depression

AThe highly anticipated Dolan twins video is finally here. The twins were talking about filming a very serious video that features Ethan Dolan’s storyline. Even though many thought and wondered it could be about James Charles or Shane Dawson, it’s about neither. It’s actually related to Ethan’s Dolan acne issues that led him into a […]

Twitch Streamer Byron “Reckful” Bernstein dies at 31 from suicide

A popular Twitch streamer by the name of Byron “Reckful” Bernstein dies at the mere age of 31. This has shattered the gaming community who are sharing the prayers and condolences to Byron’s loved ones. His ex-girlfriend Blue and his brother confirms that it was death by suicide. Twitch even posted a statement: Byron Bernstein […]