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Aaron Carter claims his exes use Backstreet Boys lyrics to taunt him

Aaron Carter recently broke up with his on-again off-again girlfriend Melanie Martin. Both of them started dating earlier this year. However, they have broke up so many times after that it’s hard to count it on your fingers. Honestly speaking, there was a time when almost the whole media stopped following updates of their relationships. […]

Aaron Carter’s shenanigans with girlfriends are giving fans a whiplash

Aaron Carter, the Candy singer who was previously famous for being Nick Carter’s young brother, is now famous for his dating life. Since last year, Aaron has been dating girls and declaring his love for all of them, but only during the relationship period. His longest relationship so far has been with Lina Valentina. However, […]

Aaron Carter’s Ex-GF lied about pregnancy, threatening new GF now?

Aaron Carter and his ex-girlfriend Melanie Martin might not be together anymore. However, they are still very much a part of each other’s lives as “topic discussions”. Aaron did not waste any time to get over Melanie and start a new relationship with Viktoria, a Real Estate Agent & Marketing Specialist. On the other hand, […]

Aaron Carter Vs. Melanie Martin | Who’s the actual cheater?

We are familiar with the term “back and forth” in a relationship. That happens when you cannot decide what to do with your life, you are scared of accepting your fears or opening up to your partner. Result? Well, there is lack of trust and honesty in your relationship. And that’s what leads to breakup. […]

Where is Aaron Carter’s Ex & Baby Mama now?

Apparently, Aaron Carter’s ex-Melanie Martin is not his ex anymore. A little rewind, the two were dating for a few months when suddenly there was trouble in paradise. Aaron and Melanie claimed to “truly” love each other. But both were often seen arguing during live streams. The viewers observed a fight once and got worried […]

Jenna Shea exposes Aaron Carter as an abuser

Things are heating up pretty fast with Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin. We just reported that Melanie Martin was sent to jail due to her committing domestic abuse as per Aaron Carter. Now, we only know Aaron’s side of the story and not Melanie’s so it’s not clear what’s exactly the truth. However, Aaron Carter’s […]

Aaron Carter puts girlfriend in prison for domestic abuse

This relationship is just getting messier. It feels like history repeating itself when it comes to Aaron Carter. In his last proper relationship, he claimed that his girlfriend Lina Valentina slapped him. Due to which he ended up filing for a temporary restraining order. However, since he did not show up for the permanent RO […]