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Mark Ruffalo believes 9/11 was an inside job

The 9/11 is the most famous terrorist attack in history. Period. It has shaped the entirety of the present world as we know it. If you think about it, you probably cannot imagine a world where 9/11 did not happen. America wouldn’t have ramped its military spending by trillions. Moreover, airports wouldn’t have so many […]

Reasons why you should watch Dark Waters

‘Dark Waters’ is a much anticipated upcoming movie and everyone seems to be talking about it. Directed by Todd Haynes and written by Matthew Michael Carnahan, the Mark Ruffalo, and Anne Hathaway starer is the story of a corporate defense attorney who takes on an environmental lawsuit against a chemical company. The corporate company is […]

Mark Ruffalo Stans Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit Movie

Taika Waititi’s new movie, Jojo Rabbit is being raved about for its riveting unique writing and storytelling. In fact, globally acclaimed critics have given the verdict on Rotten Tomatoes in its favor, saying it is “one of the best movies of 2019.” The movie is ‘Certified Fresh’ according to the review-aggregation website. And Mark Ruffalo, […]

Real Reason Edward Norton Did Only One Hulk Movie For Marvel

Are you among those who wonder what happened to Edward Norton’s version of Hulk? You will find different opinions from MCU fans all trying to answer this. We think that the first movie of Marvel franchise, The Incredible Hulk, was not any better than the Universal’s 2003 adaptation Hulk. We believe that Mark Ruffalo worked […]

Mark Ruffalo Supports Greta Thunberg’s Climate Strike

Climate change: A catastrophe is looming, our generation will bear it, and we know whom to blame. The analysis by a 16-year-old Greta Thunberg rendered before the 150 members of the U.K. Houses of Parliament, had the entire world listening- or worse, worrying.  What appears to be simply ‘weather change’ to the U.S. President, is […]