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Jane the Virgin: Top 10 Best Moments

Jane the Virgin might possibly be the best show on the planet. And if you missed it, we genuinely feel sorry for you. It’s the perfect mix of love, laughter, sorrow, and everything that’s important in the world. There is no chance you won’t feel like a million bucks after an episode of Jane the […]

Sabrina Carpenter breaks the internet with TikTok debut

While everyone is in quarantine, many people who hated the viral app initially, are joining it just to kill their time. The TikTok celebrities are moving to Instagram & YouTube to cater the needs of their followers. Similarly, the YouTubers and celebrities are moving to TikTok to create mini videos and entertain the world. And […]

How Rafael Solano Taught Justin Baldoni To Be A Better Man

Jane The Virgin is a show that has some amazing and inspiring characters. Brushing upon serious issues like sexuality, immigration, pregnancy and feminism, these impactful characters touched hearts all over the world. One of these was Rafael Solano, played by Justin Baldoni. Related: How Petra Solano Had The Best Character Development The character of Rafael […]

How Petra Solano Had The Best Character Development

Petra Solano from Jane The Virgin is probably the most underrated character in television history. From being the most hated villain to people’s favorite character, Petra Solano conquered her role. Played by Israeli actress, Yael Grobglas, Petra started out as a villain. But it wasn’t long before she had won everyone’s heart. Here are a […]

How Jane the Virgin Did Injustice To Michael’s Character

Jane The Virgin is a show with a telenovela twist. Although it is a bit more dramatic and magical than real life is, it touches upon topics like sexuality, pregnancy, immigration in a kind way. The impact this show has had on its audience has been immeasurable. And it’s one show that will always stay […]

Where’s The ‘Jane The Virgin’ Cast Now?

Jane The Virgin ended quite a time back but that doesn’t mean we’re over the show. How can we even be? It was an amazing rollercoaster ride, full of love, thriller, suspense, drama, and romance. And I personally am on the hunt to find something similar but I’ve realized. Nothing could ever match up to […]

Cole Sprouse Wins People’s Choice Award for ‘Five Feet Apart’

One of the most heartbreaking romantic movies of this year was probably Five Feet Apart. The movie starred Cole Sprouse as Will, cystic fibrosis (CF) patient who falls for another CF patient, Stella. For this outstanding role, Cole Sprouse just won the People’s Choice Awards! Sprouse was receiving many congratulations. His co-star from Riverdale Lili […]

Why Jane The Virgin Was The Best Show Ever

A s stated earlier, I stumbled upon Jane the Virgin by chance while browsing through Netflix. Not to exaggerate but the show completely changed my life. I’ve seen my fair share of TV shows and loved quite a few (Breaking Bad, Good Girls, Bojack Horseman). But Jane the Virgin spoke to me in a way […]

Justin Baldoni To Direct Movie ‘It Ends With Us’

After the massive success of Five Feet Apart, the director Justin Baldoni is working on another romantic movie entitled ‘It Ends With Us’. The movie is based on a romance novel by author Colleen Hoover. The whole movie project is going to be funded by Justin Baldoni’s own production company Wayfarer Entertainment. The great news […]