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James Charles Tati Westbrook Drama

Tati Westbrook Makes YouTube Return and reveals she nearly got a divorce

Here’s everything that happened ever since YouTuber and beauty influencer Tati Westbrook has returned to YouTube after months of silence. Taking a break from YouTube and social media, Tati went through multiple legal troubles offline. She referenced the beauty scandals she was in as well but added that she would be moving forward and leaving […]

Tati Westbrook is being sued by Halo Beauty business partner

Fans of Tati Westbrook were waiting for her to come back to her YouTube channel or to share some new makeup product launches. But it seems like they would have to wait a bit longer. Tati is currently being sued by her business partner of Halo Beauty, Clark Swanson. Why is Tati Westbrook being sued […]

Fans think James Charles threw some shade at Shane Dawson

Today is definitely not a good day for YouTuber Shane Dawson. Recently, a disturbing old video of Shane was making rounds on the internet. In it, he’s pretending to ‘masturb*te’ to a poster of an eleven-year-old Willow Smith. The entire internet is jumping the bandwagon and calling this act despicable and inexcusable. And it seems […]

Shane Dawson apologizes for Blackface, Pedophilia jokes and James Charles Drama

After Jenna Marbles’ honest video of taking accountability for her actions and making a sudden decision to quit YouTube, Shane Dawson also takes accountability. In a 20 minute video, titled as  ‘Taking Accountability’, Shane sincerely apologizes for all of the past mistakes in his YouTube career. He even apologizes for putting on Blackface, using racial […]

Jeffree Star Spills More Tea On Feud With James Charles

I think most of you still remember the whole James Charles x Tati Westbrook drama from last year. It caused a stir on the internet and became the talk of the town. And soon enough, Jeffree Star was dragged into the drama. It all started when James Charles posted an Instagram story promoting Sugarbear Sleep […]

The Truth Behind The Sisters’ Squad Break-up

Who remembers just how up and coming the ‘The Sisters Squad’ was between late 2018 and early 2019? So basically, the ‘Sisters’ Squad’ was made with YouTubers James Charles, The Dolan Twins (Grayson and Ethan) and Emma Chamberlain. They were famous for their collaborations on each other’s channels. However, amidst all the James Charles drama […]