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Eugenia Cooney Responds to Haters Saying She Faked Her Covid

So as we all know, Eugenia Cooney never stays out of the news for long. And she has gained fame through her lifestyle blog, with over 2.1 million subscribers. Moreover, the YouTuber and influencer is often one of the most talked about personalities. However, it’s usually not for good reasons. And critics have called her […]

Internet reacts to Eugenia Cooney deleting her Discord server

Eugenia Cooney has been facing multiple controversies recently. While one revolves around her fans getting worried for health again, the other controversy was pretty disturbing. A few people came forward with concerns about Eugenia’s Discord server and her moderators, or mods, that helped her with the server. A few mods were exposed for inappropriate chats […]

Jaclyn Glenn urges Shane Dawson to help Eugenia Cooney

Jaclyn Glenn has broken her silence on Eugenia Cooney again. Ever since Shane Dawson made a video on her return, Eugenia has started to appear thinner in her videos. That has led to many fans thinking that she has relapsed into her old eating disorder. She went to rehab when Jaclyn Glenn and her other […]

Eugenia Cooney’s community is not safe for kids?

Eugenia Cooney, the famous YouTuber, and streamer returned to the streaming and vlogs world in July 2019. She took a break from the internet when she joined the rehab facility for her eating disorder. Her fans truly wanted the best for her and they wanted to see her well. They all got a major surprise […]

Eugenia Cooney keeps supporting Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson may not have a lot of fans online anymore, but he still has loyal friends. Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star are the few close friends that are not leaving him. But there’s also Eugenia Cooney who is quite vocal about her friendship and support for friend Shane Dawson. She’s focusing on who he […]

Eugenia Cooney Reviews Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection

YouTuber Eugenia Cooney has also reviewed the very popular Jeffree Star Blood Lust collection. Cooney had over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she posts makeup reviews, tutorials, and vlogs. She shared that she is a massive fan of Jeffree* and she bought the entire collection. One of her favorite products by him […]

Jaclyn Glenn Thinks Eugenia Cooney Is Still In Danger

A few days ago, Shane Dawson gave us a video revolving around the return of a YouTuber named Eugenia Cooney. Some of you may have known her before Shane even made a video about her. Cooney was incredibly thin and as she kept making videos, she appeared to become much thinner. This led many to […]