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Sophie Turner reveals she wore a mask while giving birth

Sophie Turner getting pregnant was one of the nicest news of 2020. Unfortunately, the whole year was plagued with much despair due to the global pandemic. There was a lot of strong opinions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. While some took it seriously and took all the precautions, some did not. Celebrities such as Sophie Turner […]

Hugh Grant Panicked When He Got COVID-19 In February

Hugh Grant is the public’s favorite rom-com hero. We have watched him in numerous movies, charming the hearts of many women. So obviously, the thought of him contracting a deadly virus that is killing millions across the globe could get anyone to panic. Related: Stephen Amell Reveals He Got COVID-19 While Filming New Show And […]

Michael Bay’s Pandemic Themed Songbird Movie Trailer Getting Backlash

Michael Bay is known for making thriller action-packed movies. But no one expected, or rather hoped, that he would be making one about the pandemic world we are living in. Of course, it’s Hollywood, and what is Hollywood without a little exaggeration and dramatics? That’s what we see in ‘Songbird’, about a dystopian world where […]

Nina Dobrev gets tested for Coronavirus before returning to work

The 31-year-old actress, Nina Dobrev famous for her role in The Vampire Diaries has returned to the set and the preparations to work in the Coronavirus pandemic are at full swing. Taking to Instagram, Nina Dobrev films herself being tested for the Coronavirus, looking extremely uncomfortable as the healthcare professional carefully takes the swab from […]