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Watch Legendary Grammys Performance Of BTS On YouTube

OMG!! I cannot believe my eyes at the moment as I am finally being able to watch the much-awaited performance of the South Korean boy band BTS. Not just that, I am actually dancing throughout and dancing every second of it. The South Korean boy band performed their hit song “Butter” at the 64th Annual […]

MCU Is Setting The Stage For 6 Thanos Level Villains!

When Thanos made his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), fans were losing their minds! And introducing him in the mid-credits of The Avengers was a stroke of genius from Marvel. And with that short clip, they effectively set up the entirety of MCU Phase 1 to 3! Thanos made the MCU tremble […]

Harry Jowsey Reveals He Once Slept During S*x

Oh well!! I guess by now we all know the Too Hot To Handle season 1 contestant & one of the winners, Harry Jowsey. The Australian Hottie kept on giving mini heart attacks to his fans throughout the show. Every time when he got closer to his fellow contestant Francesca Farago, fans knew he is […]

Bryce Hall Calls His Thing His “Little Boy”

Well, there are a few things in life we can foresee. However, most things catch us by surprise. And we’re left wondering, “what the actual f***?!” Prepare yourself for something in the latter category. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re sure you never saw this coming, because neither did we. In this very special article, we’re gonna […]

Florence + The Machine ‘Heaven is Here’ Song and Music Video Review

Florence+ The Machine, Indie Rock-Pop band, has confirmed their fifth studio album called “Dance Fever” on May 13th. The second single from the awaited album “Heaven Is Here” was announced on March 6th. The song is also followed by an artistic music video directed by Autumn De Wilde, choreographed by Ryan Heffington and produced by […]

Lele Pons Reveals Her Struggle with OCD and Tourettes on the Dr. Phil Show

Lele Pons, the singer, actress, and YouTuber with over 43 million followers, recently made an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show. While the show has always been somewhat controversial, it does have its moments. Related: Lele Pons fans call her out for planned “wardrobe malfunction” The Mental Health dilemma Mental health, unfortunately, is not considered […]