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Best Werewolf Movies of All Time

A genre of movies that do not get the recognition it actually deserves! As we all know movies with the Vampires, Monsters, Ghosts, and all things supernatural get a lot of attention and recognition. On the other hand, the werewolf movies get very less attention. Even though just like vampire movies, werewolf movies also date […]

Sebastian Stan Movies And TV Shows You Should Watch

We have compiled a list of some of the best Sebastian Stan movies and tv shows to accompany you this summer. Sebastian Stan, the Romanian-American actor, is frequently labeled as the ‘it boy’ on social media platforms. He has garnered a lot of fans due to his excellent acting skills and charming good looks. Moreover, […]

Best Will Ferrell Comedy Movies To Watch

Categorized under some of the best comedians in Hollywood, Will Ferrell has built himself quite the name in Hollywood. The actor/comedian initially started off his career by working as a cast member on NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL). Ferrell is famously known for his comedic timing and his punchlines which never fail to make you […]

Sydney Sweeney Best Movies And TV Shows To Watch

Sydney Sweeney is the 24-year-old American actress everyone is talking about. Sydney Sweeney has been on the rise to fame recently, with everyone talking about her work in various TV shows and movies. Before she made it big, she was part of a few popular shows like Pretty Little Liars and Gray’s Anatomy. Alongside her […]

Best Henry Cavill Movies And TV Shows List

An actor that has done it all! From playing an American spy to playing the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill has shown an incredible variety in the characters he can play. This indicates the vast talent that the actor possesses. While he has not done many projects in the course of his 20-year career, he […]

Where to Watch All Batman Movies In Order

Batman is a DC character that has been explored in so many ways and through so many plotlines. Yet the audience cannot seem to get enough of him. The Batman character was first introduced back in 1939. It was introduced by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane in an issue of Detective Comics. Ever since […]

Millie Bobby Brown Movies and TV Shows List

Millie Bobby Brown definitely falls within the list of new up-and-coming talented actors who will go places. The 18-year-old has already proved herself with her portrayal of ‘Eleven’ in the famous Netflix series, Stranger Things. Millie Bobby Brown first started gaining popularity in 2016 when the first season of Stranger Things was released. However, the […]

Zendaya Movies Ranked From Best To Worst

Zendaya is Hollywood’s most versatile, talented, and booked actress. She gained immense fame during her Disney Channel days as she was the main face of the show ‘Shake it Up’ with Bella Thorne. As a child, she conquered many hearts and is still on a successful path as an adult actress. Moreover, Zendaya’s talent does […]

Superman Movies List Ranked From Best To Worst

Both the best and worst of the superhero genre have been showcased in Superman movies. The Man of Steel is a creation of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He made his comic book debut in 1938’s Action Comics #1.  While Superman movies certainly had their share of exhilarating highs and devastating lows, moviegoers would miss […]

7 Of The Best Parallel Universe Movies To Watch

Just the idea of a whole other dimension existing beyond the one we live in is so fascinating. Movies give us a chance to visualize it. This has led to the concept of the multiverse being expanded to different film genres from horror to thriller to dramas and many more. The idea of a parallel […]