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Senior Writer & Social Media Marketer. M. Usman Khalid is a Content Creator and a social media marketer. He would like to think of himself as an Internet Influencer. He mostly finds himself talking and writing about the latest in celebrity news. gossip and movies. Part of his job is to make sure that your online presence changes into a "noticeable" online presence, over a certain period of time. He reads and works alot for this so you don't have to.

Brooklyn Rapper Nick Blixky Dead at 21, Cause of Death: Gunshot

A young US rapper Nick Blixky has died in the aftermath of a shooting incident in Brooklyn. The up and coming artist was just 21. Related: Coronavirus Takes the Life of Bronx Rapper Frederick Thomas aka Fred the Godson Nick Blixky Death According to an official statement by the New York Police Department, the NYPD […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2020: The Internet is Celebrating the day With Jimmy Fallon’s #QuarantineMomQuotes

There will be no dinners in fancy restaurants, movies at the cinema, or picnics because of the Coronavirus pandemic this year. Instead, the internet is celebrating Mother’s Day 2020 with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon’s #QuarantineMomQuotes. Best Mother’s Day Quotes from #QuarantineMomQuotes? The second Sunday of May is dedicated to the mothers around the […]

5 Rules TikTok Stars Have To Follow in The Hype House

A group of wildly famous TikTok stars is living the dream after moving into the Hype House in Los Angeles. However, breaking any rules can result in the ousting of these social media celebrities from the mansion. Here are 5 rules that every TikToker has to follow in the Hype House. Related: What It’s Like Being […]

5 Guys Britney Spears Has Dated

The Toxic singer has had quite a few relationships in her life. Britney’s love life has been a roller-coaster ride and rather hard to keep up with. We’re here to fill you up on 5 guys Britney Spears has dated. 5. Leonardo DiCaprio When the Womanizer singer posted a throwback photo of herself with Once […]

Top 5 Celebrities Who Ruined Their Careers With a Twitter Post

Never underestimate the power of social media. It’s a good friend but sometimes it can also be your worst enemy. Here are the top 5 celebrities who ruined their careers with a single Tweet. The damage caused by these social media posts can sometimes be permanent but it can also be a temporary one. This […]

Why Did Twilight Saga’s Taylor Lautner Vanish?

Twilight series’ stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart became household names after the immense success of the series. Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black, however, kind of disappeared afterward. So what happened to him and why we haven’t seen him on-screen lately? When the then-teenager got the role of the now-iconic Twilight series, he would’ve never […]

Top 5 Best Animated Shows to watch during quarantine

Animated shows may seem like cartoons at first but there’s a whole new genre out there. There are animated shows for everyone to watch. Some are adult animated shows and some are just adventurous for all ages to watch. Here is a list of the top 5 best-animated shows of all time that you watch […]

Where Did Lil Tay Vanish?

The once social media sensation Claire Eileen Qi Hope aka Lil Tay. The then 9-year-old meme machine raked in a huge following in just a couple of months and then disappeared at the same rate. So what happened to her? Related: What It’s Like Being an Instagram Influencer Claire got quite famous a couple of […]

What Happened to Britney Spears Sister Jamie Lynn

Britney Spears sister Jamie Lynn Spears was the star of Zoey 101 show but it’s been a while since she made an appearance again. So what happened to her? Let’s find out.   Related: Britney Spears In Yoga Split Is What You Need To See To Lift Yourself Up While she was growing up Jamie […]