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Nouman Aqil

Nouman Aqil is a full-time student, part-time content writer, and sometimes even a bookworm. Following his passion for writing and creativity, he pens down his thoughts and all the gossip on popular movies and TV shows. Nouman likes to keep up with all spheres of life, from science and technology to politics and economics; but foremost, the latest meme trends. As quoted from Westworld, this bio “doesn’t look like anything to me.”

Why are Americans protesting against coronavirus lockdown?

The USA has always been the odd one out, whatever list you might be looking at. It’s the only developed country without a single-payer healthcare system. The country with the most incarcerated people per unit population. It spends more on the military than all of its allies COMBINED. However, Trump is now leading the world […]

Did the USA Military plant the coronavirus in Wuhan, China?

The USA Military brought the coronavirus into Wuhan, China. That is the claim of Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of China. You may have already heard about this rumor. Many media outlets have declared it as a lame attempt of the People’s Republic of China to cover its own shortcomings. However, today […]

Hugh Jackman calls Ryan Reynolds “gum on his shoe”

Even during this coronavirus lockdown, Ryan Reynolds has not failed to keep us entertained. The feud between him and Hugh Jackman is legendary, to say the least. It has even political ads and meme templates. Ryan Reynolds quipped at Jackman’s wife Deb, and Jackman is not going to take this lately. It seems that their […]

What happened in the NFL Virtual Draft

The coronavirus pandemic was a nightmare come true for sports leagues. The NBA, NFL, NHL, Premier League, even the Olympics got postponed. However, it hasn’t stopped the NFL from holding their draft – the first-ever online. It is coincidental that the league is exploring new challenges exactly 100 years after it was founded (1920). Here […]

Post Malone is planning a Nirvana livestream concert

Many artists are resorting to online shows during this coronavirus lockdown. Post Malone is the latest singer to announce that he will be having an online concert. A press release says he will perform a set of Nirvana hits and fan favorites. The show will air this Friday at 6 pm ET on Post Malone’s […]

Jennifer Lopez wants to buy the New York Mets?

Surprised, eh? Jennifer Lopez and fiance Alex Rodriguez are reportedly looking to buy the New York Mets. Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, has played twelve seasons with the New York Yankees. The rumors arose after the owners, Wilpon family, failed to secure a bid to sell 80% of their share. However, J-Lo and A-Rod are […]

Jennifer Lopez sued $150k over Instagram photo

You know are in America when people are suing each other despite the coronavirus lockdown. A photographer has dug up a photo from 2017 and is now suing Jennifer Lopez for $150,000. The plaintiff claims she used the picture without any permission or compensation to him. However, this isn’t the first time Jennifer Lopez has […]

Kaia Gerber or a mermaid in the pool?

You may know Kaia Gerber as Cindy Crawford’s daughter. Or, you may know her as the 18-year-old model who might be the next Kendall Jenner. Whatever the case, you must admit to this: Kaia Gerber is hella pretty! She is definitely making the most of her time during this coronavirus lockdown. While most of us […]

Michelle Obama will read stories to your kids

The coronavirus lockdown has everyone stuck at home. And let’s face it, no parent wants to be stuck with their children 24/7 for a month. After schools and daycare shut down, parents are having a hard time entertaining their children. However, the former First Lady Michelle Obama is here to rescue us! She will be […]

Meghan Markle fuels pregnancy rumors

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made a lot of waves lately. However, after all the media frenzy, they are finally beginning to settle into their lives in California. They have started a “new chapter” and Meghan has many plans for the future. But, many people are speculating if the future holds a second child. […]