Fans think Bryce Hall and Riley Hubatka are dating after they kissed in a recent vlog

Fans of Bryce Hall started a rumor that he and Riley Hubatka might be dating after they saw Riley on Bryce’s story. Both the TikTokers denied the dating rumors and Bryce even called Riley her sister. However, fans once again think that the pair could potentially be dating after they kissed on-screen in Bryce’s latest YouTube video.

The whole Riley and Bryce dating rumor has been going on for a while now. It all started when Bryce posted a picture of him with Riley on his social media and fans started to think that the two might be dating. The duo finally decided to address the rumors and turned out it was all just a rumor after all. The two of them laughed at the dating rumors and Bryce said:

She is like my sister

Bryce even posted a video on his YouTube channel where he and Riley mocked the dating rumors. In the video, Riley walks in and Bryce’s friend approaches her and says to Riley that he is madly in love with her. To which Riley responds ‘Wanna makeout?’

Then, Bryce says that he and Riley should kiss the video for click-bait and Bryce even named the video ‘We Kissed’ as well to fool the fans. Fans were kind of disappointed to see that the two of them are not together but wait there’s more to it!

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Bryce Hall and Riley Hubatka Kissed and Fans Think That They Are Dating!


Fans are once again suspicious that Bryce and Riley are dating after they shared a kiss on-camera. Bryce posted a video on his YouTube channel which was titled ‘WE DID IT FOR THE FIRST TIME‘. In, the video, Bryce fights against Vitor Belfort in the ring and loses terribly. It was terrible to see Bryce in that state but you would not believe what happened next.

After the fight, Bryce gets up and asks where’s his Adrian. He also added that he hadn’t kissed her for the vlog yet. To that, Riley responded:

Should I do it just because you lost

And Bryce says that he’s feeling like sh*t because he lost so now… And they share a kiss after that. Everybody could see the excitement on Bryce’s face after the kiss so it once again sparked the question ‘Is the duo dating?’ Fans asked the pair if they are dating because Riley also smiled after they kissed. One user wrote:

Omg did yall see how Riley smiled after they kissed, omg she likes him

The couple hasn’t made anything official yet but we are really excited to see if this is a real thing or are they just messing with us.

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