Jeffree Star reveals a new makeup palette, and it’s something else!

Jeffree Star has been giving us hints about a new palette and it is launching sooner than later. He posted on his Instagram account that the new palette will be launching on 30th July, with the name of ‘Pink Religion’. Fans are as excited as they always are and as the name implies, the palette is PINK.

Jeffree has been through so much this year. From being in an accident to distancing himself from the beauty community, he has come a long way. A few months ago, Jeffree was in a car accident but the good news is that he is recovering and soon he will be launching a new makeup palette. He also mentioned that he is stepping away from the beauty community for a while, which left his fans surprised.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is succeeding and doing amazing things as well. Moreover, JSC is also investing in helping bring social change, as they helped the LGBTQ+ community this pride month. He has always been magnanimous towards the community, and he made sure that they would keep getting his support throughout. And so, Jeffree Star partnered with the OD Foundation to support the LGBTQ+ community behind bars.

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Jeffree Star reveals a new makeup palette!


Jeffree gave us a closer look at his new palette which will be launching very soon. He mentioned in the caption that Pink Religion will be launching on 30th July, 1 PM EST and his followers showed their excitement in the comments. The name of the palette is Pink Religion and yes, you guessed it right. It’s all pink, giving anyone the feminine energy that they want.

The Pink Religion palette has a set of lipsticks, highlighter, and eyeshadows, and so far, the palette has received mixed reviews. Some people in the comment showed excitement for the new palette launch, but some were not really impressed with it. Some people also suggested that the palette should have a blush as well but overall people are really excited about the launch. What do you think of Pink Religion? Let us know in the comments below.

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