Is Charli D’Amelio appearing on Dancing with the Stars?

Derek Hough, who is a professional dancer, said that he would like to see Charli D’Amelio in a future season of Dancing With The Stars. So, will the social media sensation be making an appearance on the show?

The D’Amelio sisters duo is quite trending these days. Charli and Dixie Di’Amelio both share a strong bond that they won’t let any man destroy. In fact, they work tirelessly to help each other succeed. That said, there has been drama in the past. However, that is long gone as far as we are concerned and it looks like the industry has something else to offer to Charli now.

Does Charli D’Amelio has Dancing With The Stars in them in her future?


We might not know what Charli’s future looks like but we might have a hint of what she will be doing next. As some of you might know that Dancing with the Stars is soon having its 30th season, with Derek returning to the show as a judge because of his exceptional talent. Derek is not only a professional dancer but a singer and an actor as well. Let’s talk about what the show is about. Many faces of the TV and music industry dance alongside professional dancers to determine which non-dancing celebrity can take home the victory.

As we all know, Charli Di’Amelio is one of the most popular TikTokers in the world, which easily qualifies her as a celebrity. Now, there’s a chance that she might be appearing on the show. Derek Hough said in an interview that Charli’s background in dance would be perfect for the show, alongside her surging success on social media. Derek is super impressed with D’Amelio’s sisters. He said:

I think it’d be really cool to see one of the D’Amelio sisters on there. Charli’s a really talented dancer, and she’s obviously crushing it in the TikTok world. I think she would be really good. I think she’d be awesome.

For now, Charli has not made any comments on the situation yet, but we do know Charli’s an amazing dancer. She even posted a video on her Instagram account where she was dancing some weeks ago. And needless to say, she definitely has got the moves and people were very impressed with her skills. Moreover, many of her fans encouraged her in the comments. Therefore, we are really excited to see Charli D’Amelio in Dancing With The Stars. It will truly be spectacular for the viewers and the show.

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