Austin McBroom addresses Social Gloves PPV sales controversy

Social Gloves organized The Battle of the Platforms which is also known as the YouTubers vs. TikTokers event. There was a controversy going out that PPV sales of the event were way lower than the target sales and now, after receiving a lot of heat, Austin McBroom has finally addressed the rumors.

Social Gloves recently hosted The Battle of the Platforms event in which TikTokers boxed against YouTubers. It is a company owned by ACE Family’s Austin McBroom, who is also a professional basketball player. In the main event, Austin McBroom fought Bryce Hall, defeating him convincingly. However, many people complained after the event that the venue was terrible, with some also highlighting that they could not get access to the fight even though they paid for PPV access.

There were even rumors that the target was to sell 500,000 tickets, but Social Gloves could only sell 100,000, And because of this Social Gloves went bankrupt and could not afford to pay the fighters as well. Many people who were in the event came forward as well, claiming that they had not been compensated for their work.

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Austin McBroom addresses the Social Gloves PPV sales controversy


After all the allegations, Austin was not going to stay quiet. He decided to address the rumors on social media. Austin posted on his Instagram stories about the sales controversy. On his social media, he said that the real numbers of the tickets sold will be out soon. The celebrity also said that ‘Just wait till I can speak about it’. Austin McBroom also addressed the rumors that said that the event only sold 136,000 pay-per-view buys. The celebrity said in his Instagram story:

100,000 PPV buys is cap. Only the haters wanna believe that. If anything these people who are scamming which isn’t @socialgloves are basically saying all of us fighters’ fan bases ain’t sh*t. The real numbers will come out soon. Just know that social gloves weren’t the only ones who collected PPV numbers/purchases.

Austin McBroom also added in his story:

If you are a woman who would love to sleep @tanamongeau in the ring, hit me up. I would be honored to make that happen.

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