Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Oprah Interview Revealed Shocking Information

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exited from the Royal Family, the UK tabloid press has been quite brutal towards them. Especially Meghan Markle. But unfortunately, it was happening even while they were a part of the Royal Family, as the whole world was made aware of. Now, with a candid interview, Meghan and Harry have revealed a lot about the actual realities of their lives, past and present.

There were issues about Archie’s race

One of the most astounding reveals during the Oprah Interview was that the Royal Family, also called ‘the firm’, had concerns about Archie’s race. As per Meghan and Harry, there were ‘concerns and conversations about how dark’ the color of Archie’s skin might be. Since Meghan Markle is biracial and officially the first biracial woman to marry into the Royal Family. Hence, there was a lot of concern regarding the color of Archie’s skin.

Due to this, it was hard to know what Archie’s title would be and what kind of security protection he would receive. Meghan Markle recalls saying that it was difficult to discover that Archie was not going to receive the security and protection from the Royal Family. In fact, all of the protection was paid by Harry from his own pocket.

Meghan Markle also said that they didn’t get a proper answer on why the royal family altered the rules of Archie’s title because he was the first member of color to be born into the Royal Family:

 “There was a lot of fear surrounding it.”

Another thing that led them to believe Archie was being discriminated against was that no official picture was taken of Archie after he left the hospital with his parents. And this has been the tradition going back to the birth of Archie’s father Prince Harry.

Prince Harry confirmed everything Meghan said but didn’t elaborate on the details:

“That conversation, I’m never going to share. It was awkward and I was a bit shocked.”

Meghan Markle felt suicidal and no one in the Royal Family came to her aid

When Meghan Markle was engaged to Prince Harry, she became a popular piece to cover in the news. However, the way she was being covered was completely discriminating and dehumanizing. Much like the American tabloids who harassed Britney Spears during her prime years, the UK Press painted Meghan Markle as a villain in the eyes of the public. The reporting was completely based on unfounded rumors and at times, clearly racist.

During that time, her Royal Family did not come forward to support her or denounce these false claims. Meghan Markle recalls that it became so terrible to bear that she thought about ending her own life.

Another major factor that led to her negative thoughts was that she had to make some major changes in her life. She had to turn over her personal passport, keys, driver’s license, and other personal items. Moreover, she could not leave the royal residence (Nottingham Cottage) without asking for permission.

“I left the house twice in four months,”

The Palace Officials constantly told her to stay out of the public eye which led to a rather lonely life. And when she asked to go out and get help for the dark thoughts she was having, the Palace didn’t allow it since it was a bad look for the family.

She was silenced by the Royal Family

Meghan Markle also explained that she had been silenced by the royal family.

“Everyone in my world was given very clear directive to say no comment. Even as things started to roll out in the media… I said ‘Don’t worry, I’m being protected’. I believed that and that was really hard to reconcile because it was only once we were married and things started to worsen that I realised I was not being protected but they were willing to lie to protect other members of the family but they weren’t prepared to tell the truth to protect me.”

That holds more true now that we find out about what actually happened with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

During the wedding week of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, there was tabloid news saying that Kate was crying due to something that Meghan had said.

Meghan Markle set the record straight by sharing that there was an argument about the dresses of the flower girl. Though, it was actually Markle that ended up crying and not Middleton. Kate had later apologized by sending a note and flowers to Meghan. But Kate did not debunk the false claim that was spreading in the gossip tabloids.

When Oprah asked why the royal family did not clear up the misunderstanding spread in the news, Meghan Markle replied,

‘It’s a good question.’

Though, Meghan Markle did not badmouth Kate Middleton and maintained that she was a good person.

After the false news of Kate crying made the rounds, everything changed for the royal couple. And Meghan Markle became a victim of targeted attacks by the discriminatory British tabloids.

The avocado news came up, where Meghan was accused of fuelling the deforestation of the avocado fruit whereas Middleton was applauded for her taste in breakfast. Meghan jokingly shared:

“That’s a loaded piece of toast.”

Meghan Markle also shared that there is a common reference in the UK to call the royal family, ‘the firm’. It was imperative to differentiate between the institution and the family:

“It’s a family business. There’s the family and then the people running the institution. The Queen has always been wonderful to me.”

In fact, Prince Harry also debunked the rumor that the Queen was blindsided by their decision to leave their royal titles. He had discussed this with the Queen before the decision was made final and official.

Prince Harry felt like he was trapped inside the UK

Last year in January, the couple officially announced that they would no longer be senior members of the Royal Family. This decision was made after Harry thought what was happening to Meghan Markle was similar to what was happening with Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. Harry further added that the new factors of ‘race and social media’ only increased the targeted attacks by media on his wife and child.

Harry and Meghan also clarified that they did not request to step down. But rather only for a reduced role. As many other royal family members had asked too. Though in February, Buckingham Palace officially released a statement saying that Harry and Meghan would not return to their royal duties. And also that Harry was going to surrender his ‘honorary military titles’.

Oprah asked Harry if he ever felt ‘trapped within the system’. To that, he replied that it’s all that he has ever known of his life. But that he did feel trapped.

“My father and my brother are trapped. They don’t get to leave and I have compassion for that.”

Furthermore, Harry also revealed this his relationship with his father was a bit fraught. Prince Charles, his father, had stopped answering his calls. Now the two were on speaking terms but there was still a lot of work left to do as per Harry.

 “There’s a lot of hurt that’s happened and I will continue to make it one of my priorities to heal that relationship.”

Meanwhile, his relationship with brother Prince William isn’t the best either. There’s been some ‘space’ between the two.

Harry and Meghan both received overwhelming support and love from fans around the world.

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