Kylie Jenner & Daughter Stormi Have Adorable Moments In Holiday Baking Video

Kylie Jenner may just have the sweetest little baking partner. In a new YouTube video, Kylie decided to bake Christmas Grinch cookies. This was to promote her makeup line by Kylie Cosmetics inspired by the Christmas holiday movie.

However, she decided to bring out her little baker for the task who could not help but shower her with compliments. The adorable mother-daughter duo was decked out in matching pajamas like in their previous baking videos. This time, their pajamas were obviously Grinch themed.

Kylie’s 2 year old daughter, Stormi, seemed like a complete natural in front of the camera as she declared, “We’re making cupcakes! Yeah!”

And that’s not all. What the viewers found the cutest was her complimenting her momma, Kylie.

As Kylie concentrated on icing her cupcake to resemble the Grinch, Stormi showed her she believed in her mommy. “You got this mommy,” Stormi could be heard saying.

Then the makeup mogul asked her what he favorite parts of The Grinch were. To which Stormi said it was Max the Dog and the waffles. After this conversation, she said to Kylie, “I love you so much.” While Kylie replied with, “I love you more.”

And as if that was not cute enough, Stormi told Kylie that she was “so beautiful.”

Even though our little baker did eat some of the candy that was meant for decoration, she was an incredible helper in the kitchen. She paid attention, she helped out, she cheered her mommy on and was just an overall a delight to watch.

She also assisted her mom with cracking the eggs. “You did it ok,” Kylie assured her. “Oh, there’s a big shell in there. Don’t worry, mommy’s gonna save the day.”

Watch the YouTube video below.

Kylie And Stormi’s Baking Adventures

This is not the first time the mother-daughter duo has blessed us with a baking video. Their last one was in celebration of Halloween. The two had donned on matching fall-themed orange sleepwear. The beauty mogul and Stormi had baked Halloween themed cookies. And of course, that video was as cute as the new one. You can watch the Halloween baking video here.

But with Stormi around, you can guarantee there will be cuteness.

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