Is Malu Trevejo’s scandal going to affect Ryan García’s upcoming boxing match?

It’s been a few days since the whole Malu Trevejo and Ryan García drama started. And I will just give a quick recap into this whole drama for those people who are still unaware of it. So we all know that Ryan García is a 22-years-old professional lightweight boxer. And he also has a daughter with Catherine Gomez. But we were unaware of Ryan’s fiancé Drea Celina who is pregnant with his child.

And we got to know about Drea through an Instagram post which was shared by the social news tabloid ‘The Hollywood Fix’. Drea was devastated when she found out that Ryan lied to her about his whereabouts. He told her that he has been practicing for his upcoming fight. But instead, he was out on dinner with Malu Trevejo. And right after dinner, Ryan was caught kissing Malu outside the N10 Restaurant.

Now all three people who are involved in this situation have responded to it. Drea is devastated that Ryan lied to her and she also mentioned that he hardly spends time with his 2-years-old daughter ‘Rylie’. And she was hurt to find out about Ryan kissing Malu instead of practicing for his upcoming fight.

Ryan García’s response to the Malu Trevejo situation

So Ryan’s friend ‘Malu’ (who he was caught up in some mouth to mouth action) shared a couple of shocking things on her Instagram Live. She explained it to her fans she knew Ryan had a daughter (Rylie). But that she was unaware of the fact that Ryan also has a fiancé who is pregnant with his baby.

Malu had confronted Ryan about why he kept these important details about his personal life from it. In response, Ryan simply shared that he didn’t tell her about it because his relationship with Drea was on-and-off.

Ryan himself also gave his two cents, on the whole, making-out-thing with Malu Trevejo. He posted a statement on his Instagram story and almost gave a shut-up call to everybody pointing fingers at him for cheating on his fiancé ‘Drea’.

He further clarified the situation and said he is not engaged with Drea currently. And Malu is just a friend with whom he got caught up for a moment. He further mentioned that it’s his personal life and he is never going to address this situation again.

Malu on the other hand clearly has something else in mind. Her first response to the whole situation was very careful. But after Ryan’s statement, she might have changed her thoughts because she heavily shaded Ryan in her latest Instagram stories.

Malu Trevejo situation can cause trouble for Ryan García’s upcoming fight

So some of you might not know that Ryan fought in the ring almost 6 months ago. And because of the Covid-19 situation, his fight with Luke Campbell got delayed.

Almost three weeks ago, Ryan posted an Instagram story in which he sounded desperate for a fight.

“Sorry, I been inactive. I’m really just trying to get a fight date! I’m begging for one and working on this like no tmmr (tomorrow). I just want to be in the ring.”

Though the fight date has been announced, the venue and undercard are not confirmed yet. We really cannot wait to see the fight between Ryan (the undefeated) and Luke Campbell.

A lot of fans are really concerned about Ryan and his upcoming fight. And they really want to know if the whole Malu x Drea situation is going to affect his upcoming fight. He was already having a hard time getting the final date (which is the 5th of December).

On the other hand, this sudden controversy has helped him gain a lot of attention. Do you think Ryan is being extra hungry for clout these days? Let us know in the comments down what you guys think about this whole situation?

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