Malu Trevejo OnlyF*ns subscribers frustrated over misleading titles

Malu Trevejo is allegedly not done scamming her fans. The Instagram model and singer made an official OnlyF*ns account right after turning 18. While reaching the legal age might have gotten her out of her troubling home, it also set her free to do whatever she wants. And she wanted to do OnlyF*ns. Malu had been preparing her fans in advance for her OnlyF*ns account and all of them were saving money, waiting for the day she turned 18. What Malu did not tell them in advance, was her pricing and how she would be going all out to drain their pockets. Now, the fans are frustrated over misleading OnlyF*ns titles.

Malu Trevejo is losing subscribers

Malu has reached 43.2K subscribers with 39.3K likes on OF already. She only posted 3 images and 6 videos so far. Moreover, she now prefers to go live through her OF account apparently. The subscribers are getting all exclusive content from her, but not what they signed up for.

So far, Malu has not been clear about what she’ll be posting on her OnlyF*ns account. Some celebrities, like Jordyn Woods, use OF to post exclusive, non-explicit content for their fans. However, Malu has been posting provocative dance moves, similar to something Belle Delphine would do on YouTube. The content is not lewd though, and the subscribers are done with her content already.

Many frustrated subscribers share their disappointment on Reddit and confirmed that they have unsubscribed already. Malu Trevejo increased her subscription rates and bundles on OF within 2 days of joining it. After the backlash, she turned the pricing back to the original rate. But if you look at her OF profile now, her subscription bundles are gone.

That’s right. Apparently, you will not be signing up for 3-months and 6-months bundles for now. Malu Trevejo had 15% and 25% off on these bundles since her OF launch. But the same are somehow gone from her profile. That means, she is only charging for monthly subscription for now.

Gaining new subscribers but it’s not the same

The OF profile for Malu Trevejo still shows an increased number of subscribers. However, it’s not the same for the subscribers anymore. Malu is not posting anything different from her Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts. She is mostly seen twerking in all of the videos and the leaked images and videos are all over Reddit.

Some fans have even started a welfare campaign to stop people from subscribing to the Malu Trevejo OnlyF*ns account. They are asking others to wait for the photos and videos to get leaked on Reddit, and save their money.

On the other hand, people who subscribed to Malu, and still have the subscription, are leaking her “exclusive” content for fun. They are also warning others to beware of the misleading titles for exclusive DM offers.

When you sign up and subscribe to a celebrity’s OF, you get access to the feed. However, celebrities and adult content creators on OF can DM (direct message) you. They offer exclusive content at a set price. And you cannot unlock that content unless you pay for it, in addition to the subscription price you only paid.

Misleading titles

The adult content creators use this option properly and the fans do not complain much. But they are wary of the celebrities who use such an option to mislead their fans. It started off with Bella Thorn who received backlash for such posts. Malu recently DMd subscribers on OF to unlock her special $99.99 post. Well, Malu Trevejo is pulling a Bella Thorne, as stated by a fan.


The misleading title with just her swimming pool pictures for $99.99? Malu Trevejo will keep losing her loyal fans at this rate.

Apparently, she also offered her birthday video clips to her OnlyF*ns subscribers for $20.

Through these posts, it seems like she is focusing more on expensive non-explicit content. Malu has also not addressed why her subscription bundles are gone. She was already facing backlash for “scamming” her fans. And just recently, she was also seen kissing Ryan Garcia, who was allegedly engaged.

Malu Trevejo
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