These Lord Of The Rings Characters May Appear In The Amazon TV Show

It might be set thousands of years before the trilogy, but some characters were so old that for them, it's like a long weekend.

The original Lord of the Rings trilogy is part of Hollywood legend, and so are the characters! There was rarely any character in the entire trilogy that anyone hated. However, that raises the question that which of them will star in the Lord of the Rings TV show? Amazon is putting some serious work into it ever since they got the license for it from the Tolkien Estate. So, here are the familiar faces that we might see in the TV series!

These Lord of the Rings characters might appear in the TV Show

We all know that the premise of the TV series is set in the Second Age, when Elves, Men, and Dwarves all united to fight Sauron. But, there’s a catch. The rules set by the Tolkien Estate are quite strict, and they do not allow any meddling with the author’s storytelling. This makes the appearance of some of the characters from the original trilogy a bit tricky. However, Amazon has promised that there will be characters that the “fans love”. And it’s going to be more than just Galadriel. So, here are our guesses:

1. Elrond

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I think this one might be very obvious. We all saw in the introduction scenes of Lord of the Rings that Elrond (played by Hugo Weaving) fought against Sauron and his forces. However, in the Lord of the Rings TV show, he’ll have a much more pivotal role. In the Second Age Elrond established Rivendell and had repeated clashes with Sauron. He was arguably the most important figure in the defeat of Sauron and would have finished the ring too. However, the greed of power for men destroyed his efforts. And the man responsible for it was none other than Isildur, and we will be seeing him in the Lord of the Rings TV show.

2. Isildur

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Sadly, we won’t be seeing Aragorn, because well, it’s thousands of years before his time. However, we will be seeing Isildur and his father Elendil, the men responsible for all the events of Lord of the Rings. However, we didn’t get to see much of them in the trilogy and they were just mentioned in passing. But, in the TV show, there’s a chance that the creators will expand on their stories and characters. We can see how the father-son duo played a pivotal role in  Plus, we’ll see if Isildur was a great leader, up until the moment he got his hands on the ring or did he show signs of greed before them? There’s so much that the Lord of the Rings TV show has to offer!

3. Gandalf

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I don’t think any Lord of the Rings related stuff will be complete without Gandalf. However, there’s a small complication in the Amazon TV Series. The thing is that Gandalf and the other Maiar weren’t sent to Middle Earth as wizards until 1000 years after the Third Age. However, they were roaming around Middle Earth as Olórin. They wandered unseen among the people of Middle Earth. However, there is speculation that he might still appear in the TV series, wit Ian McKellen showing interest in playing the beloved Gandalf again. However, we’ll have to wait and see how the casting proceeds.

4. Legolas

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Okay this is a tricky one. The thing is that no one knows exactly how old Legolas is. He is undoubtedly ancient, but no one knows if he’s Second Age level ancient. But, if he really was born in the Second Age, he would have bragged how he played a role in defeating Sauron. So, his inclusion in the series depends on how badly Amazon wants the Lord of the Rings TV show to seem familiar to the audience. Plus, there’s a problem that Orlando Bloom might just be too old to play Legolas now. Moreover, Amazon has to navigate carefully with the Tolkien Estate rules upon them. Anyways, we’ll have to wait and see.

5. Sauron

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Here’s the coup de grace, the man that has Middle Earth knee-deep in so much sh*t – Sauron. He’ll be the focus of the Second Age, with his quest to corrupt men, elves, and dwarves alike with his rings of power. The Lord of the Rings TV series will definitely go into how he seized control of Middle Earth, which we rarely got to see in the original trilogy. However, there’s more to it. We might finally get to see Sauron as a proper character, with a complex set of motivations which makes him seem more believable than the all evil eye we got to see in the trilogy. We’ll get to see him as a spy among the elves, calling himself Annatar, and as a prisoner of Númenóreans too. And after that, we’ll get to see more of him as a black-armored knight! Interesting times are ahead.

This list just shows how exciting the Amazon Lord of the Rings TV Show is going to be. With production resuming in New Zealand, we’ll get to see more of the mesmerizing universe created by our beloved JRR Tolkien.

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