Mikey Tua leaves family for Danielle Cohn, might go to jail on 18th birthday

Just a few days ago, the internet reacted to the TikTokers not following “social distancing” protocol anymore. Since some people are getting sick of staying inside their house, they decided to move in with their significant others. Nessa Barrett is staying at the Sway House with boyfriend Josh Richards. Hype House is till going through some major changes when it comes to its members. However, to distract their fans, Thomas Petrou took its team to collab with, none other than, Jake Paul & team 10. Seems like social distancing does not apply to influencers and TikTokers/YouTubers. Meanwhile, Mikey Tua & Danielle Cohn are taking their relationship to another level. He literally left his family to be with his beau. And things are getting wayyyyyy messier.

Mikey Tua leaves his family & moves in with Danielle Cohn

Mikey Tua & Danielle Cohn have been proving to the world that they really love each other. And that means they can do anything to be with each other. Even if it involves Mikey leaving his family & moving in with Danielle Cohn. You might remember their last breakup when Mikey’s mother had an issue with Danielle’s controversial age. And she did not want Mikey to get involved with an underage girl.

Now that they have started dating again, Mikey Tua’s parents are not happy. They have tried their level best to keep Mikey & Danielle apart, and preferably not in a relationship. The main issue is, Mikey Tua is about to turn 18 on June 12, 2020. And things will get messier after his birthday.

However, that has not stopped Mikey Tua to move in with Danielle Cohn. The two were keeping things under wraps for some time. But now they are live streaming together and making content together as well.

What Mikey’s mother has to say about this?

Mikey Tua’s mother is really unhappy with how the things are turning out now. Since Mikey has pretty much left his family, at least for some time, he has been talking about his parents during live streams. On the other hand, Mikey’s mother Katie Tua has a lot to say about Danielle’s mother Jen. The TikTok Shaderoom (@tiktokroom on IG) shared DMs of Katie Tua and someone whose name is kept anonymous for privacy.

Are Mikey Tua’s parents going to call the police and send them to collect Mikey from Danielle Cohn’s house? Or are they going to wait till he turns 18 and police visits Dani’s house on their own?

Mikey Tua has a message for his mother

After the screenshots of Katie Tua’s DMs were shared with the world, Mikey Tua was not happy. He said his mother knows about him and where he is staying, so why is she taking all of this and share it on social media.

This is stupid, this is so stupid. Why am I arguing with my mum on social media?

Mikey further added that Danielle has apologized to his family many times. However, his mum is still not changing her mind.

Danielle Cohn also shared her thoughts on the whole scenario. She also clarified her mother is nothing like how people portray her to be. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be staying with her.

Meanwhile, Katie Tua was still addressing disturbing comments from people on social media.

Is he going to jail?

Last time when they broke up, Mikey Tua said he has seen Danielle Cohn’s “real birth certificate” getting verified through the system with his own eyes. And that means she is hiding her age by 2 years. Now, this time around, they are not addressing the age issue which was the reason for their first breakup.

Mikey Tua’s parents succeeded in getting Mikey on their side the last time. But they are failing this time. And they are okay with it. Seems like Mikey’s parents are giving up on him, and they want him to be in jail as soon as he turns 18.

As per speculations going viral on the social media, Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua’s relationship will be illegal after he turns 18. They might officially confirm or deny the pregnancy rumors as well.

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