Why Ana De Armas Blocked a Fan on Twitter?

After her film, Knives Out, she found herself to be one of the sought-after actresses in Hollywood. However, it’s her relationship with Ben Affleck which got people talking. Recently, Ana De Armas blocked a fan on Twitter and he is now responding.

It would not be wrong to say that 2019 was the biggest year for Ana De Armas’ acting career

Born in Cuba, Ana De Armas moved to Spain at the age of 18. After working in several Spanish films and TV series, she moved to LA in 2014. Despite speaking little English and starting her career from scratch, she landed a role in a horror movie opposite Keanu Reeves. However, it was 2017’s Blade Runner 2049 which got her in the spotlight. Because of that film, De Armas got the role of Marta in Knives Out. This critically acclaimed film took her career to newest heights and she became an A-list celebrity in Hollywood. Recently, Ana De Armas blocked a fan who kept commenting on her relationship with Ben Affleck.


The same year, she met Ben Affleck and thus began their very public relationship

During the filming of Deep Water, the couple met and dating rumors began. In March this year, they were spotted on a vacation in Cuba. A week later, the couple made their relationship public when De Armas posted her pictures on Instagram which Affleck took. Since coronavirus pandemic, they have been in quarantine together. Despite the lockdown, the couple has been taking regular strolls and walk their dogs. According to some people, their paparazzi pictures are staged. One of Ana De Armas’ fan accounts has been posting daily updates on Twitter and keeping a record of their walks. However, Ana De Armas blocked the fan account recently.

After Ana De Armas blocked the fan, he responded and shared the reason why

A fan account called Ana De Armas Updates started posting updates about her life and career after Blade Runner 2049. After coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the account’s admin, AJ, kept posting Affleck and De Armas’ daily walks. However, in order to keep the followers entertained, he started getting creative with captions. He said: 

“I wanted to have fun and was playfully teasing the aspect of their showy dog walks. I love how she doesn’t care that paps are outside her house and she’s going to serve a look no matter what, even if that means just going to pick up her dog’s poop. I provided some lighthearted sarcasm in my posts towards her and Ben due to the fact that they were always outside and not following safety precautions in this pandemic that we are currently experiencing.”

AJ insists that he did not mean to be insulting or negative. However, she took it as shade and Ana De Armas blocked the fan account. While you can still get the updates about their daily walks, it would not be from this particular account.

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