Sex/Dating Apps are seeing more traffic despite social distancing calls

April will end in two weeks, and it’ll also mark a 6-weeks milestone for many quarantined people. While the majority of the population only goes out for groceries, some are still taking their chances to enjoy a walk and get some fresh air. Public transportation, cinemas, parks, and other public entertainment or gathering spots are closed until further notice. However, the governments forgot about the most basic necessity of a person. Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Simply put, a person cannot be satisfied unless his/her/their basic physiological needs are met. Yes, these include food, clothes, and shelter. And, it also includes “reproduction”. If you thought that people would stop worrying about their “reproduction” (sex) needs, then you really need to assess your surroundings.

People are not giving up on sex/dating Apps

For people who are just looking for one night stands, hookups, or sex with no strings attached, a few Apps have been serving them best till now. Their relatives might have forgotten about them. But the Apps like Bumble, Tinder, and Grindr have not abandoned their regular or new users.

Like seriously, someone made a random meme a few weeks ago about how everyone would be expecting a child by the end of quarantine. Whoever did that, was not wrong. However, pregnancies are still out of the equation (kind-of) as long as the contraceptives’ supply is not disturbed.

And that brings us back to the original topic. Believe it or not, these physiological needs are really getting on the nerves of some people who are quarantined alone. And probably that’s why the sex and dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Grindr and other similar apps are seeing increased traffic and activities on the App. As reported by TMZ, Tinder users swiped 3 Billion times on March 29 alone. The app used to evaluate these sex and dating apps performance/traffic is called Sensor Tower. You can enter an app name and see how it is doing.

Not good for quarantine

What all these sex/dating app addicts fail to understand is the importance of social distancing. If they do not stop testing the waters, (no pun intended), then they’ll be keeping everyone in quarantine longer than expected. And FYI, rumors are that we are spending the remaining 2020 at homes.

Instead of seeking short-term satisfaction, everyone needs to focus on the long-term effects. Otherwise, things will only get worse. Even though the users claim that they are only using these apps to “connect” with people virtually and get to know them. However, y’all know how that will progress in the future. As soon as the quarantine is over, these people will end up unleashing all the pent up frustration. And if one of them was infected with COVID-19, it’ll be hell all over again.

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