Tana Mongeau Spills Tea On Jake Paul Breakup

In a new episode of MTV No Filter, Tana Mongeau opens up about her split with former husband Jake Paul and looks back at how things went downhill in their relationship. You don’t have to go through the entire episode though. Because we’re here to spill all the tea on the situation. Keep reading to find out.

Tana Mongeau opens up about breakup with Jake Paul

In one of the latest episodes, Tana talked to Jordan Worona after the filming of the first episode of her new tv show with ex-husband Jake Paul. Tana and Jake started dating last April. A couple of months later, she announced they were engaged. Just one month later, they got married with a lavish $500,000 Las Vegas wedding, which also had a lot of drama.

Six months after this, the two revealed they were splitting in January 2020. Now Tana is starting to reveal what had really caused the meltdown.

Tana Mongeau spoke her heart out in the new episode. She said she is at the most successful point of her career now but it does not equate to happiness. It became really hard for her to manage her relationship, her career, her business life because all of them have meshed together. This made it all confusing for her.

Jordan Worona commented:

I think Tana is stressed over working with Jake and the blurred lines between their personal relationship and their business. It’s part of a much larger ;: problem of Tana’s life being completely out of balance.

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In another interaction on MTV No Filter  Tana Mongeau gets even more real about it while talking to her best friend Ashly.

She says:

Jake and I have been married for six months, but he spent five of the two hours away in Big Bear training for a boxing match.

She adds that Jake is now in a different place in life than when she fell for him. And he does not have time for her anymore. She thinks Jake has slowly been transforming into a different person from the moment she met him.

Now I’m sitting here like 8 months in or whatever, like I don’t even f**** know you anymore.

Tana gains more clarity

She also shares a clip of herself talking about the relationship honestly. Here Tana says that everything changed the moment they got married. In fact, the wedding night was ” just hell” for her. Her dad almost died that night because, at the wedding, he had a stroke.

This giant part of me wanted Jake so badly to stay and take care of me. And when he didn’t, I was so heartbroken. But with the open relationship, it’s my fault too. I wanted to be the cool girlfriend that he never had for him. Because I cared about him so much.

Tana Mongeau knows her relationship does not look good at all. And she doesn’t want to be “someone’s bitch or doormat.”

She thinks she is starting to look dumb now and there is validity to that if thousands of people think so too.

Ashly says that she hasn’t seen them eat together or hang out or anything regular couples do.

I don’t see them on Facetime. I don’t even think they have slept with each other yet at this point.

Is Tana Mongeau going to gain more clarity and leave Jake Paul for good? I guess we will find out very soon on MTV No Filter.

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