Bianca Devins Mother Supports Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna has entered 2020 like the rest of the YouTubers. However, she failed to keep herself away from controversial situations. Whether she does it deliberately, or by chance, she always ends up in a controversy. However, this time, the controversy was a bit different from her previous feuds. She uploaded a video 2 weeks back, in hopes of converting herself into a TikTok e-girl for her Vlog. The video received backlash as Gabbie *accidentally* included an article on Bianca Devins, who was murdered last year.

Using Bianca Devins Image

While surfing the internet, in hopes of finding inspiration for what to wear in the video, Gabbie Hanna came across an article on Bianca Devins. Instead of focusing on what the article was about, Gabbie commented on her image, saying she has the same shirt as her. Gabbie appeared to be too caught up in Bianca’s shirt, that she failed to read the tragic news of her murder. And how her murderer posted her images on the Discord.

After uploading the video, she received backlash and she took time to address the issue.

When things started heating up, she edited the video, blurred Bianca’s face. However, it was not enough.

She edited the video again and removed the complete screenshot of the article. However, she kept the video still there despite all the backlash she was getting.

Twitter and YouTube comments were filled with hate comments, labeling Gabbie as disrespectful. Here’s her final e-girl look, the video is taken down now.

Gabbie Hanna Addresses The Situation After 2 Weeks

It took Gabbie two weeks to respond to the hate comments and backlash she was receiving on her e-girl video. She also addressed why she took the time to delete or respond to the video.

It’s not because I’m just some cold heartless person who doesn’t care about it. It’s because I was trying to…sorry…find a way to do it quietly and discreetly and respectfully as possible so that ut didn’t get back to her friends and her family.

Gabbie also said she avoided talking on the subject because it would create a media frenzy. However, she also said she could not simply delete the video without addressing the issue. So she did it. Gabbie tried her level best to do the right thing, after what happened.

I knew that I couldn’t make a public statement of public apology about this without speaking to her mother first.

So, she tried to keep a look at Bianca’s mother’s Facebook profile for a week. Gabbie was hoping to find a clue if her mother has seen Gabbie’s video. Or if she made a comment about it. After going through the internal struggle to figure out what to do, she finally sent a private apology to Bianca’s mother.

Bianca Devins Mother Supports Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie received a response from Kim Devins, Bianca’s mother.

And in response, Gabbie Hanna said:

Bianca’s mother confirmed she was not offended by the video. And if Gabbie wants to apologize publically, she can.

Gabbie wanted to share the Winged Eyeliner day details in honor of Bianca Devins. So she asked her mother if she is comfortable with Gabbie sharing the details.

To which, Bianca’s mum replied:

Gabbie calls it an unfortunate oversight as the article was about e-girls and e-boys. She was not expecting details of murder included in it.

Kim Devins also responded to Gabbie Hanna’s public apology video on YouTube.

Gabbie even shared the details on her Twitter handle as well.

You can donate to Bianca Michelle Devins Memorial Scholarship Fund. Moreover, “winged eyeliner for Bianca” titled “Wings for Bee” is being held on April 04, 2020, to support Bianca and her family & friends on the day of sentencing.

The murderer has pleaded guilty this week and shared details after video footage of Bianca’s murder was presented as an evidence in the court by the authorities. The video was shot by the murderer: Brandon Clark.

Is She Really Sorry?

Many people wanted Gabbie to apologize for what she did. And to be honest, she handled the situation in a mature way by directly apologizing to Kim Devins first. And then issue the public apology. However, an internet user pointed out that Gabbie said in her apology video:

This isn’t some drama shit. This is somebody’s life.

And she tagged the known drama channels in her YouTube video. Even after saying this is not “drama shit”.

Ashley Kyle highlighted the “tags” issue after the internet user Angelica pointed out the tags situation. And Ashley has also questioned Gabbie that why she used the term “exploit” after tagging her as well as others.

Gabbie has not directly responded to it. However, she retweeted this:

What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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