Jake Paul Teases Boxing Match With AnEsonGib

Things are heating up prior to Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib Fight

Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib’s upcoming boxing match is the talk-of-the-town after Logan Paul vs KSI boxing match. The younger of the Paul brothers shared an Instagram post teasing AnEsonGib and it’s hilarious.

What is Jake Paul’s post on AnEsonGib?

It’s time for Tana Mongeau’s Jakey to bring back the joy in the family. The two were an emotional-wreck after Logan Paul’s controversial loss to Britain’s KSI.

Jake Paul has previously claimed that he is a much better fighter than his brother and all eyes are on him now. After promoting Logan Paul’s rematch, Eddie Hearn is now backing the younger of the Paul Brothers for a fight against AnEsonGib.

The road to his January 30th match with AnEsonGib gets interesting with every passing day. Jake Paul shared a post this Sunday mocking his opponent and this comes after a copyright strike to one of AnEsonGib’s YouTube videos. Apparently, Gib was using parts of Jake Paul’s videos to promote the boxing match.

Coming back to Sunday’s post, the American YouTuber mocks AnEsonGib in a rather comic fashion. Jake Paul can be seen beating the crap out of a snowman and completely dismantling the snowman. Yes, you guessed it right, AnEsonGib is the poor snowman. Tana Mongeau’s husband (they’re on a break currently) also predicts a win over his opponent AnEsonGib in one of the pictures. Following are Jake Paul’s thoughts on AnEsonGib and the match in his own words.

This is what’s going to happen to my opponent Gibz on January 30.

He also mentions Gib’s nose in the post. For those of you who don’t know, EsonGib is biGnosE spelled backward. Jake Paul continues:

The only difference between this snowman and him is that AnEsonGib’s nose is actually bigger. Training camp high in the mountains couldn’t be going better. Ya, boy boutta get this W for America🇺🇸download @dazn_usa (link in bio) and be ready January 30th in Miami Super Bowl Weekend.

Jake’s representation of the upcoming event is hilarious and a response from AnEsonGib will be quite interesting. Dankanator will update you when that happens.

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