Tana Mongeau’s Fans Are After Elijah Daniel Again

But for different reasons this time!

Remember the time when Elijah Daniel was hitting on Tana Mongeau just a few weeks back? Well, Tana fans tried to make him go away. However, Elijah stans knew he was just messing around as Tana and Elijah go way back. They are old pals and they used to collab as well. Following the recent Alissa Violet-FaZe Banks scandal, Jake Paul’s upcoming song for Alissa Violet and Tana Mongeau’s break from the internet, Elijah Daniel is back in the Tana-Friend-Zone. Or, shall we say, he is back to teasing Tana.

Elijah Daniel Becomes Tana Mongeau

You read that right. This time he is not flirting with Tana, he IS Tana Mongeau. So, Tana took a break from the internet as the pressure of the highlight reel was becoming too much for her.

Following the post, Elijah Daniel became Tana Mongeau by imitating her in his Instagram stories. However, Tana fans weren’t happy to see that as they believe Elijah is trolling Tana for her mental health issues.

People started questioning Elijah what he was up to now?

One legit called Elijah out on his Instagram stories as “not funny” and even called him a “straight asshole”.

In response, Elijah Daniel confirmed he is making jokes to his friend Tana, and people shouldn’t try telling him how to do it.

Tana Kind-a Responds to Elijah Daniel Indirectly

Though Tana has not shared any direct response to Elijah, using social media. However, she has liked this particular post where a fan shared Elijah’s Instagram stories on Twitter.

Some fans are loving it

While many fans are totally against Elijah’s style of easing Tana Mongeau, some fans are loving his “on point” imitation of Tana Mongeau.

Well, if you take it in good spirit then his stories were actually funny. And we are guessing it’s his way of showing support to his friend, Tana Mongeau. Because, well, he’s Elijah Daniel. We do hope Tana enjoys these stories and addresses them in her next video as soon as she is back to the social media life.

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