Alyssa Milano Slams Fan On Twitter Who Questions Her Political Activism

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano – a vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement just put a fan back into his place. Although we have seen her at the front in too many protests lately, maybe that’s not all that she is up to. After a fan blatantly accused her of ruining her career as well as others with her political involvement, Alyssa Milano decided to step in. The actress narrated all her achievements right in one tweet making it perfectly evident that her career was not over. Many fans appreciated Milano’s response. But others slammed the actress for her recent protest call in Georgia and for her Netflix show that apparently fat shames women.

Alyssa Milano Ruined Her Career With Politics?

The #MeToo supporter, actress, and activist Alyssa Milano have definitely become a lot political. She has continually participated in many protests offering resistance to authorities. She even got arrested along with Amy Schumer while the #TimesUp supporters protested against the nomination of US Senator Brett Kavanaugh who was accused of assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Alyssa Milano even attended the court hearings to support Dr. Ford in her allegations. Further, Milano has proved herself to be one of the most politically active celebrities in this era.

Recently, considering that Alyssa Milano has become more political than ever, a fan slammed the actress on Twitter for ruining her career because of it. He further questioned her role in the entertainment industry now. And claimed that since Democrat Stacey Abrams did not win in Georgia’s elections, Milano is trying to ruin everybody else’s career. But the actress clapped back mentioning her projects in just a single tweet. She announced that her Netflix show was renewed for a season 2 while she just finished a movie. And also, her own show that she will host starts airing in January. Not just that, but she owns a multi-million dollar clothing line.

Milano’s Response Met With Criticism

Alyssa Milano might be doing great, both as an activist and as an actress. But probably not everybody is on board with it. A lot many fans stepped up with appreciation for her work and her response to the hater. However, others decided to pick on how Milano encouraged protests in Georgia after her Democratic candidate lost. And how her protest call of shutting down the studios put many hard workers out of a job. A lot many people claimed that Alyssa Milano’s Netflix show Insatiable which is now renewed for season 2 fat shames women. And that’s something that should disgust the actress rather than make her boast about its renewal.

A lot many loyal fans of Alyssa Milano immediately rushed to her defense claiming that she was doing a brilliant job. And applauded how well she just dealt with her hater in a single tweet.

Seems like the battle might be rough but Milano surely knows how to shut someone up! Especially, if they raise serious questions about her work both in the industry and outside it.

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