Josie Canseco gets Logan Paul’s attention By Throwing Shade At Him | Courtesy Of Mike Majlak

I don’t know if you guys remember Logan Paul talking about his former girlfriend Josie Canseco’s weird fetishes in the Impaulsive podcast. But we all know that Josie liked to surprise Logan every now and then. Now you guys must be thinking that it’s been almost a year since Logan Paul and Josie Canseco parted ways. So why are we even talking about them right now? Because recently there have been some rumors circulating on the internet that Josie has been liking and disliking posts of people and she is also un-following some of her friends. Oh, and how can I forget to share this one weird thing with you guys. Bryce and Josie were following each other on social media and they’re also really good friends. But something might have happened in the past one or two days because Josie just un-followed Bryce on Instagram.


Well!! We know how influencers and celebrities follow and un-follow people on social media these days. But what Josie recently did, actually caught a lot of attention from the fans. Not just the fans though, she was also able to get her ex-boyfriend Logan Paul and his best friend Mike Majlak’s attention.

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Do You Guys Remember Josie Canseco Used To Have Weird Fetishes When She Was Dating Logan Paul?

Back in August 2020, Logan and Josie were a very happy couple. And they used to have a very active se*ual life as well. But do you guys know why Josie was a constant topic of discussion in Logan’s podcast? Because she liked to test Logan’s patience and do a lot of exploring.

Like one time, Logan discussed this thing on the podcast that Josie likes to touch his b*tthole. And that too without giving Logan a heads up. Which in return, made him very aggressive.

Guys!! We are not done yet. Josie also liked to smell Logan’s farts. Like there was a time when Logan was taking a lot of proteins and preparing for his fight. So he was farting more than usual because of the excessive protein intake. And Josie loved to smell those gaseous whiffs and fell in love with them. Umm!! I guess we have discussed enough of these fetishes for today. But it’s going to make more sense to you guys when I will be sharing what Josie has done next.

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Josie Canseco Liked A Tweet From Someone Which Says Logan Paul’s Feet Smell Like Salami

Now it’s been almost a year since the couple has broken up. But it seems like Josie still has a thing for Logan Paul and wants his attention. Or there is also a possibility that she might be throwing shade at him. As there is this clip making rounds on the internet in which Logan Paul‘s best friend Mike Majlak comes across a tweet about Logan which is liked by his ex-girlfriend Josie Canseco. And the tweet is about Logan’s feet smelling like Salami. So Mike questions Logan for further confirmation and asks him if his feet smell like Salami.

“Mike: Reading this following tweet that was liked by Josie Canseco, yesterday. Logan Paul’s feet smell like Salami. Is that true?

Logan: What? She liked that (tweet)? What? I don’t think so but maybe they do (smell like Salami).”

Umm!! I don’t know about you guys but this news doesn’t seem very surprising to me. As Josie has some really weird fetishes. And I don’t even want to know the reason why she knows if Logan’s feet smell like Salami or not. Because this cutie used to like smelling Logan’s farts and touching his b*tthole. So let us know in the comments down below if you think smelling someone’s farts is better than smelling someone’s feet? And do you guys think Josie still likes Logan very much and wants to get back with him? Or was she only throwing shade at Logan for having smelly feet?

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