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Amanda Lasher Signs Off From The Bold Type

Amanda Lasher Signs Off From The Bold Type

The Bold Type concluded its season 3 on Freeform last night, leaving fans awestruck. And while they have not recovered from the shock yet, there is already another devastating news waiting for them in the cue. Show-runner Amanda Lasher has stepped down from her executive duties on the Freeform show. Lasher will be replaced by Wendy Straker Hauser as the new show-runner for The Bold Type Season 4.

Wendy Straker Hauser Replaces Amanda Lasher For The Bold Type Season 4

In May, during the Upfronts, The Bold Type stars Aisha Dee, Katie Stevens and Meghann Fahy announced that Freeform had picked up the show for a fourth season. Around the same time Amanda Lasher announced her departure from the show, while Freeform confirmed that the show’s supervising producer, Wendy Straker Hauser will be assuming Lasher’s mantle. Lasher’s exit from The Bold Type marks the second regime change on the audacious feminist comedy. Earlier, Sarah Watson had opted out of the project owing to creative differences after its first season. Amanda Lasher then carried forward Watson’s legacy during The Bold Type Season 2 and 3.

While The Bold Type didn’t necessarily reveal the reasons behind Lasher’s exit from the show, Lasher comments make it clear that she will really miss being a part of the exuberant, realistic take on inspirational press women. As The Bold Type Season 3 aired its final episode yesterday, Lasher thanked the show’s fans for welcoming and inspiring her. Lasher additionally noted that she has started off as a fan of The Bold Type. She also added that her journey through the positive and empowering world of Scarlet has been a joyful ride.

As she walked out, Lasher paid an ode to the show’s talented cast, crew, and writers. She announced that she is equally hyped for The Bold Type Season 4, and she cannot wait to see the show come out next year. The Bold Type Season 4 release date

Dan Jeannotte Is Keen To Work With Amanda Lasher Again

As Amanda signed off, she left the show star Dan Jeannotte in tears. Jeannotte exclaimed that it was a wonderful experience working with her and he is keen to know what’s next on her plate. Dan Jeannotte also mentioned that Amanda Lasher must cast him in her next project, to which Lasher replied that it will be a dream for her too.

The show hasn’t set a release date for its Season 4. The stars are yet to start shooting for the project; hence, the show will probably not be out until next year. Fans are genuinely excited to see how The Bold Type and Scarlet would now look like under The Handmaid’s Tale producer, Wendy Straker Hauser. Amanda Lasher has earlier helmed Riverdale and Gossip Girl for TV.