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Alinity From Twitch Got Banned After Banning Herself Over Showing Skin

Alinity From Twitch Got Banned After Banning Herself Over Showing Skin

Has justice been served or is it another trick for crowd control? Recently Twitch star Alinity lifted her shirt to show bare chest for a tiny second on a live stream. Creating massive uproar, people once again demanded her ban from Twitch. Something that is next to impossible when it comes to the biggest streaming service and her wardrobe malfunction. However, we think that for the first time ever, Natalia Mogollon (aka Alinity) has been served a ban. Moreover, we think that this has come after she decided to ban herself for three days in an act of ‘justice’. Wait, what?

Twitch’s Alinity Decides To Ban Herself For 72 Hours

After ‘accidentally’ flashing her bare chest on a live stream Alinity got the highlight once again for her immortality and wardrobe malfunction. The clip spread on the internet like wildfire. Although Alinity has deleted her video, it is still present on social media. And after seeing the reaction, Alinity decided to ban herself from Twitch. She posted a Tweet about this announcement:

Interestingly, people can see right through her: giving herself a ban might only just mean to avoid attention until the dust settles. A Twitter user even made a comment about this:

Has Twitch Also Banned Her?

There is reason to believe that Twitch has also banned Alinity for her little stunt. According to the StreamerBans Twitter page, the streaming service has banned her six hours ago. The account is a bot account that tracks banned profiles from the streaming media. With over 49,000 followers, it regularly posts about banned accounts. For Alinity, it posted the following:

Clicking on the link shows that for the first time in Alinity’s streaming history, Twitch has banned her for an indefinite period of time. The celebrity has ONE total number of bans.

A quick theory: just like when Alinity avoids Twitch bans, is it possible she told the guys at HQ to actually ban her so that people get off her back? Is this another stunt?