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Aaron Carter Compares Himself To Britney Spears

Aaron Carter is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter who performed for Backstage Boys in 1997. His older brother is Nick Carter who is well known for being part of the famous Backstreet Boys. Carter in total has four studio albums and has gained many fans from his online fame. Recently, Carter shaved all of his hair and it has fans a bit confused. Apparently, Carter did not like his previous haircut which led him to shave off all his hair and come out with a bald head. Netizens believe he has been having a rough time. He perhaps saw all the comments and took on his Twitter to compare himself to the famous and legendary icon Britany Spears. Fans are upset at Aaron Carter for relating his struggles with ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ star, Britney Spears.

Aaron Carter Compared Himself To Britney Spears

Aaron Carter took to his Twitter and made a tweet comparing himself to Britney by highlighting how the media exploited her. Additionally, he talked about how she could not live her own life and related to her. He said:

Britney Spears has had so many people trying to label her as insane and ever being allowed to live her OWN life, its her choices, she rose above it. This is FOUL and disgusting that the MEDIA is EXPLOITING us and degrading our Economical livelihoods. The Phoenix will rise.

Apparently, he’s referring to the reaction of the people who have criticized him. Furthermore, he brought in the media and exploitation to elaborate on his point. However, fans are not quite loving his comparisons.

Carter Says He Does Not Care What Anyone Thinks

Aaron Carter displayed his head covered with tattoos with a caption:

Shaved my head and I wasn’t entirely sure how would I like it? But I love it!!! I literally thought my head would look more awkward lol!! Does time I have ever shaved my head! F**k what anyone thinks I LOVE IT! My last haircut was trash and I had to start over.