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Aaron Carter Accused Jeffree Star For Stealing His Merch Idea?

So we all remember those cool tie-dye hoodies that Jeffree Star launched for Black Friday sale. Available in mauve, orange, and nude shade, the hoodies were ‘a look!’ However, American singer and rapper, Aaron Carter had a “temporary” problem with the merchandise. He says that Star stole ‘his’ merch idea and he wasn’t afraid of confrontation. It seems like, Carter is ready to one-handedly juggle multiple kinds of beef with different people. Well, makeup artist, Jeffree Star was next.

Aaron Carter Calls Out Jeffree Star for copying merch

So, the singer took to Twitter sharing a screenshot of Star’s Instagram story where he revealed his merchandise for Black Friday. Aaron Carter posted a picture of the tie-dye hoodies and straight-up confronted Jeffree Star by mentioning him on Twitter:

“Hey @JeffreeStar your merch looks a lot like my custom pieces I do by hand? tsk tsk.”

Well, the rest of his words aside, that condescending ‘tsk tsk’ at the end clearly says “bring it on Jeffree.”

Aaron Carter’s hoodies

Before we dive into the tea, we had to check out if Aaron Carter’s statement had any truth to it. So we looked for the tie-dye merch he was talking about.

Aaron Carter Website

Okay, we see what Aaron is angry about. The design is really similar and so are the base colors. But on the other hand, tie-dye is just… tie-dye. It’s the same concept to begin with, so we’re unsure about the ‘stealing designs’ part.

Did Jeffree Star respond?

So far, Jeffree Star is silent on the matter. We know one thing; he is not one to mess with. And his fans think so too.

jeffree star merch Aaron Carter, Jeffree Star
jeffree star merch hoodi Aaron Carter, Jeffree Star

Other Jeffree stans said that he had been selling this design for years. So Aaron “needs a chill pill”….

jeffree star aaron carter merch Aaron Carter, Jeffree Star
aaron carter merch Aaron Carter, Jeffree Star
jeffree star merch tweet Aaron Carter, Jeffree Star

Some basically said that Aaron didn’t invent tie-dye so what is he talking about…

aaron carter jeffree star Aaron Carter, Jeffree Star
jeffree star merch aaron carter Aaron Carter, Jeffree Star
jeffree star tweet Aaron Carter, Jeffree Star

Looks like Aaron Carter was not appreciated for the call-out. We’re still waiting for Jeffree Star to shed some light on this merch matter. Or maybe some ‘facts’ as usual. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.

Meanwhile, the warnings from Jeffree Star fans led to Aaron Carter backing off from the allegations.

Aaron Carter tweeted:

I love it when great minds think alike @JeffreeStar #KINGMOD #CyberBully EXPOSER! FYI this is what happened when a smear campaign is initiated like it has unto me. Just know I’m tough and very wise. The internet is mad I caught on to their scheme. JS fans should be kind.

Aaron Jeffree Star
Aaron Carter Merch Idea