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96-Year-Old Grandma Leaves Bruno Mars Stunned As She Grooves Effortlessly On Locked Out Of Heaven

You are just never too old to love Bruno Mars. And a 96-year-old grandma has proved this theory today. In a one-minute video clip, initially shared by CBS News, a senior lady can be seen grooving effortlessly and quite gracefully on the lyrics of Bruno Mars’ ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’. When the video was brought to the attention of the multi-instrumentalist singing sensation, he quickly shared it on Twitter, expressing his admiration for the dame.

96- Year Old Lady Grooves On Bruno Mars’ Locked Out Of Heaven

The one-minute video, which is also available on CBS Uplift, showcased an elderly woman dancing along her friends at a formal party. Aside from her age, there is not much information given as to what was the party about. But, from what it looks like, the lady appears to be at a wedding, participating in a group dance. She’s clearly outperforming all the other dancers in the group. The cheery babushka looked stunning in her printed blouse, black skirt and elaborate jewellery. She wore her dress with absolute grace and her whirls and swirls were no less than a spectacle.

Bruno  Mars Raises A Toast To Dancing Gram

As Bruno Mars retweeted the video, he raised a toast to the OAP with the inclusion of wine-glass emojis. Soon afterwards, fans flooded the tweet with adorable comments in admiration.

Many people proclaimed love for the rocking grandma. They also left her considerate wishes and cheered for her as she defied age like a boss. Some even expressed the wish to age like the woman

The video had people in agreement over a subject: Bruno Mars and his music, both are evergreen. The limitless impact of Locked Out Of Heaven isn’t a thing just for millennials, in fact, it’s for everyone.

The Magic Of Locked Out Of Heaven

Back in 2012, the award-winning number had marked a musical revolution. The high-gloss gleam was a determining turn-point in Mars’ career- a song that gave Mars a reputation for tidy and impeccable aesthetics and unbridled passion.

Locked Out Of Heaven was a part of Bruno Mars’ second studio album, Unorthodox Jukebox. Having been a Billboard topper in several countries, the song won a lot of praise for Mars; sweet and smooth vocals. Bruno Mars had first performed on the song live, on Saturday Night Live in the same month of its release. Critics remember the energetic show as one of Mars’ best performances yet.