Zoe LaVerne Secretly Dating Underage Fan Connor Joyce Despite Backlash?

The saga of Zoe LaVerne and Connor Joyce continues. It all started when a 19-year-old Zoe was kissing her underage fan and friend, Connor who was just 13 at the time. While much of the internet is calling Zoe out on her problematic behavior, she continues to defend herself and Connor. And what’s worse is that she may have been lying about the status of her “relationship” with Connor.

What happened when the video of them kissing went viral

So, this is what happened when the video of Zoe kissing underage Connor went viral. Zoe LaVerne’s mother was defending them saying it was just ‘friends kissing’ and that it was okay for ‘friends to kiss’.

Meanwhile, Zoe LaVerne used a backup Instagram account to say that she will come online to explain everything that happened between the two. She then posted a long note of apology on her Instagram. In it, she admitted that she ‘caught feelings’ for Connor. And she further stated that Connor also developed feelings for her so it was “mutual”. She also mentioned that they both understood what they they were doing was wrong so they didn’t go further romantically and remained just friends.

Zoe LaVerne also shared that she had informed Connor’s mom who was not happy with the news.

Zoe Laverne apology pedophile

She also added that they both were not talking for a while. Then she appeared briefly on her mom’s Livestream where she was seen crying. Shortly afterward, she revealed that she would go to therapy.

Then she also made TikToks where she was making a joke about her kissing scandal with Connor Joyce. All the while, she stated that she isn’t talking to Connor and they’re keeping their distance for now.

But she was consistently joking about kissing an underage Connor. And disturbingly, so was Connor Joyce. This led to a lot of backlash targeted at Zoe from the influencer and content creators online. Among the few to call out was Vereena Sayed.

The main problem with Zoe LaVerne’s apology was the fact that it seemed insincere and not genuine, given the fact that Zoe was making jokes about it. Secondly, Zoe kept insisting that the ‘kiss’ between them was consensual. It can’t be consensual legally since Connor is underage, and the legal age of consent is 16.

Zoe and Connor make videos confessing their care or…love…for each other?

There’s a popular TikTok trend going on called the ‘My Yellow’ trend. And as you know, the more cringe-worthy the trend is, the more popular it gets.

And for some reason, Connor Joyce and Zoe LaVerne both participated in this trend. Many think Zoe encourages Connor to make one.

You’re supposed to post this a yellow heart emoji and then post pictures of your best friends and lover.

And here’s Connor Joyce’s:

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Connor adds zoe in his new tiktok vid 👀

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Yes, there are pictures of Zoe in his ‘My Yellow’ video.

And now let’s go over to Zoe LaVerne who made a video as well:

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Zoe posted this tiktok vid with pictures of Connor👀

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And to make matters much worse, Zoe appeared on Connor Joyce’s Live on Instagram:

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so #zoelaverne joined #connor live😬

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She commented twice on the Live saying that she missed him ‘lots’ and hoped that he was better. Now, Zoe LaVerne also mentioned going to the hospital. LaVerne stated that she’s ‘checked herself into the hospital’.

It doesn’t make sense if she’s in a hospital, for her to be making TikToks such as these. Or to be appearing on Instagram Live of her victim.

So, we’re not sure if she is lying or not but there’s a lot of suspicious behavior from Zoe LaVerne. Even though Connor Joyce is still taking her side and defending her, we cannot blame him for the kissing incident. Connor even ended up blocking Zoe’s former rival, Charli D’Amelio which shows he’s still taking Zoe’s side.

Evidence that there might be something more going on between Zoe and Connor

Plus, many critics are pointing out the fact that Zoe was initially lying about kissing Connor. She only admitted to it after the video was leaked and she had no other choice but to admit her mistake. There is quite a possibility that Zoe LaVerne is also lying when she says that nothing else was going on.

It appears that Zoe LaVerne is unable to distance herself from Connor Joyce, even though that is the right thing to do.

And when another popular influencer Danielle Cohn talked about the issue, she highlighted an important aspect. She pointed out saying that both Zoe LaVerne and Connor Joyce were ‘touch bracelets’.

The bracelets are usually worn by lovers who are in a long-distance relationship. The person wearing it can touch the bracelet anytime they’re missing their significant other, and their romantic partner would be notified that they’re being missed.

And that indicates that something more is going on between Zoe LaVerna and Connor Joyce. That seems to imply that Zoe did not learn from making her mistakes and everything she did was intentional.

Hopefully, Connor Joyce’s parents get involved or the official authorities to ensure that no wrongdoing is taking place.

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