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Zoe Laverne Defends Kyle Rittenhouse, saying he’s not a murderer

According to Zoe Laverne, Kyle Rittenhouse did not mean to murder anyone and is innocent. She received major backlash.

It would not be wrong to say that Zoe Laverne is one of the most controversial TikTokers. While she is trying hard to change her image, her recent statement is not helping her case. According to the new mother, Kyle Rittenhouse is not a murderer, and she views him as innocent. During a live session on Instagram, Laverne expressed her views about the trial. Although she received backlash for it, she stands by her opinion.

Recently, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has shocked the world and angered many people.

Last year, the police shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back and killed him. This resulted in riots and protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In the end, people protested for two days, and the riots turned violent. Kyle Rittenhouse decided to take his military-style semi-automatic rifle and patrol the streets to keep the peace and protect the property. However, he ended up killing two people and severely injuring one. In the end, Kyle Rittenhouse was charged with first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree reckless homicide. After a very public trial, where the world sees 17-year-old bawling like a child, the jury unanimously decided. They found him not guilty on all counts. Interestingly, he has many supporters, including Zoe Laverne. However, this decision has received a lot of backlash from people around the world.

During a live session, Zoe Laverne extended her support for Rittenhouse

Currently, Zoe Laverne has 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 16 million followers on TikTok. Despite her popularity, she is one of the most controversial social media stars. Recently, Zoe Laverne expressed her views about Kyle Rittenhouse. During a live Instagram session, she talked about the trial and verdict. She said:

“I don’t see Kyle Rittenhouse as a murderer because he shot by self- defense. If you rewatch the video, if you watch the video where they say he’s innocent, he falls to the floor and bawls his eyes out. I don’t really think he tried to murder people.”

Furthermore, Zoe Laverne said:

“I’m all for BLM. I love every single race. I’m not racist. It’s not fair. I was looking at it as a man was proved not guilty because he shot at self- defense, that’s all.”

As expected, people were not happy with Zoe Laverne

Shortly after her video went viral, people came after Zoe Laverne. According to many, she should not even be allowed on the internet. On the other hand, some people brought up Zoe Laverne’s previous controversies, including her kissing an underage boy and trying to sell her newborn’s pictures. One person said:

“I’m not racist” people who aren’t racist don’t just say that as they’re defending their point lol

Meanwhile, another person called Zoe Laverne “a child toucher.”

Another person said:

This is the same girl that tried to make money off her child’s pictures the second the baby came out of the womb it’s not a surprise

On the other hand, people expressed their worry that she is raising a child. Meanwhile, another referred to her as a pedo.

Needless to say, people have not forgotten her scarred past:

They going date now lol except sadly for Zoe he isn’t underage anymore

It’s about time celebrities, and social media stars try to educate themselves. Hopefully, Zoe Laverne will take some time off the internet and spend time learning about racism.

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