Zoe LaVerne Checks Herself into a Hospital

Another development has taken place in the Zoe LaVerne case. Zoe is facing outrage after she was seen kissing an underage fan in a viral video online. Her mother even ended up defending her. Afterward, Zoe and her victim, Connor Joyce both came on Instagram Live separately to explain the situation. Zoe apologized for her actions and said she knew she was doing something wrong but her apology didn’t go over well.

Zoe LaVerne is getting called out by everyone

No one is on Zoe LaVerne’s side anymore. There might be some supporters who are choosing to forgive her but the majority of the internet no longer supports her. That’s because her apology for kissing an underage fan did not seem sincere at all.

The evidence for that is the problematic wording that she used when apologizing. She kept saying ‘we are sorry’, in order to put the responsibility of the kiss on both her and Connor. Moreover, she kept emphasizing that she didn’t do anything to Connor against his consent.

The fact of the matter is that Connor Joyce was only 13 at the time. He was not legally allowed to give his consent to Zoe LaVerne, who was 19-year-old at the time. Hence, it was simply Zoe LaVerne’s fault who knew that they were not right in being close to each other when they both have feelings for each other.

Here are many influencers that have called her out on her actions:


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Zoe LaVerne is going to the hospital

After getting a lot of criticism online (rightfully), Zoe LaVerne has now checked herself into the hospital.

Zoe Hospital

The caption of the post reads,

I’m checking myself into a hospital for a while. i don’t know when i’ll be out etc. i’m trying to find help before it’s too late. i love you. goodbye for now.

It may be a psychiatric hospital but Zoe did not specify what kind of hospital it was.

There were a lot of mixed reactions beneath this post on the ‘TikTok Shaderoom’. Some were expressing concern while some were happy about Zoe going to the hospital. There were even some that were asking for her to be sent to jail for her actions.

It’s not clear whether she is eligible for any legal punishments but the legal consent of age is 16 in their State, Indiana. And Connor was not 16.

We’ll keep you updated on what happens next in the Zoe LaVerne case.

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