Zach Choi Weighs in Nikocado Avocado Scandal with Stephanie Soo

The feud between Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado has boiled to a point where a third party needs to step in. And who better than Zach Choi to call things as they were? After all, Zach was the only neutral person present with them, in the collaboration video. Well, he just spoke up and finally made a statement regarding the issue.

Zach Choi did not give Nikocado permission to share texts

Zach Choi took to his Instagram stories to share a message. First, he addressed the issue of permission. He highlighted how Nikocado had clearly written, “between you and me, what do you think?” when he messaged Zach.

Yet, he had continued to share the entire chat without asking for Zach’s permission and not sticking to his own word.

He wrote:

At the very least, publicizing conversation past that point is ethically as well as morally questionable.

Zach’s take on the matter

According to Zach Choi, it was obvious that “Nikocado didn’t like Stephanie since the start”.

He added that he also felt that she did not want to “spill the tea” in the setting and none of her responses were enough to satisfy Nick.

Zach further said that he had himself pointed out to Nikocado Avocado how he was making Stephanie Soo, obviously, uncomfortable.

“I immediately asked Nick why he was trying to expose Stephanie and that the tea channels would certainly be uploading titles like, “Nikocado making Stephanie Soo uncomfortable for 5 minutes straight.”

Furthermore, he said that Stephanie’s cancellation the next day was of no surprise to him.

Did Nikocado plan to expose Stephanie all along?

Even bigger news came from Zach Choi.

He explicitly stated that after Soo cancelled on the collab plan, Nick said he would be exposing her.

This leads me to believe further that his main priority was to expose her all along.

With regards to his manipulative ways, Zach again vouched that indeed one cannot oppose Nikocado without fearing his aggression.

He added and attached screenshots that he had continuously asked not to be involved into their drama since the start.

After Zach Choi’s statement, the case, seems to be going further against Nikocado. We also think there might be more drama right around the corner now.

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