Zach Braff Sends Strong Message To Lockdown Protestors

Zach Braff sends a powerful message to all the Americans who are protesting against the lockdown. Other celebrities like Patton Oswalt join him too.

It sounds odd but Americans are actually protesting against the lockdown. And it’s a dangerous idea, especially while the Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world. So, Zach Braff has sent a very powerful message to them. His intension was to tell them how serious this pandemic is, and how important the lockdown is to prevent it. Other celebrities like Patton Oswalt had a similar message too.

Why are Americans protesting against the lockdown?

Zach Braff's Impactful Message To Anti-Lockdown Protestors

Zach Braff came out and spoke against these protests after a few days since they started. According to the protestors, they believe that such a tight lockdown is hurting American citizens unnecessarily. They believe that a lockdown is an over-reaction in controlling COVID-19, and it’s hurting the economy a lot. Moreover, some gun bearing Americans have also joined the protest. They say it’s an infringement on their civil liberties as well.

As a result, protestors have come out in almost 12 states. Those states include Texas, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, and etc. And in some protests, as many as 2500 people have been seen. As a result, several celebrities have come out and spoken against them, and Zach Braff is one of them.

Zach Braff sends protestors a powerful message

Braff didn’t have to use many words to make people think. In fact, he only used a sentence and a picture, but they were more impactful than a 1000 words. He wrote:

I’d like all those protestors to meet my friend Nick Cordero.

As we covered before, Nick Cordero is suffering from severe symptoms of Coronavirus. So much so that his leg had to be amputated. This just goes to show how life-threatening Coronavirus is. And that is all that Zach Braff wanted the protestors to keep in mind. But, he wasn’t the only one who spoke against them.

Patton Oswalt speaks against lockdown protestors too

Patton Oswalt wasn’t so subtle in his message like Zach Braff. He came at them heads on and made them realize how their lives aren’t as difficult as many. He tweeted:

As said, Zach Braff does have a point. Nothing is more important than human life, and what happened to Nick Cordero just shows how fatal COVID-19 really is. However, not everyone has a luxurious life in Quarantine as Patton Oswalt has said. 22 million Americans have filed for unemployment, and it’s important that celebrities realize that their donations are just as important in preventing Coronavirus spread as the lockdown.

That said, if any of you want to support Nick Cordero’s treatment, there’s a GoFundMe page her wife has set up. Click here to go the page and donate.

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