You Won’t Believe Who Attended Trisha Paytas’s 1st Christmas Party

Trisha Paytas is all set to celebrate her holidays in her new home. She started her 2019 with anxiety and depression that got worse after her breakup with Jason Nash. Seeing the latest version of Trish makes you wonder if this is the same person who was seen mostly crying on her kitchen floor throughout the year. Well, she is but Trisha has groomed, bloomed and changed herself. She does not just have control over all of her emotions now, she is also working on new songs. Moreover, her very own podcast The Dish with Trish is doing pretty good. I mean, she had Shane Dawson as her first guest and Jeffree Star as the second guest. I’m waiting for the day when one of the Vlog squad members would be sitting on her guest seat. For now, we’ll have to do with Trisha Paytas Christmas party images.

Trisha Paytas’s First Holiday Party

The Hot Girl Christmas singer finally threw her first-ever holiday party and it really felt like her house-warming party as well. The yummy and colorful party favors, Trisha Paytas dressed like lady Santa (without the beard, of course), and the trendy mirmir photos looked so amazing.

It was the best Christmas party of my whole life. I never had a Christmas party.

Trisha feels lucky to have friends who showed up and supported her. The party really made her year. In the Feb-March phase, she thought her life will be dark forever.

When you are in dark for 4 months, each day feels like a fucking year.

Trisha Paytas expressed her happiness and gratitude on her Instagram stories, the next morning after the party.

The Guest List

Though we do not have the official guest list announcement from Trisha Paytas Christmas party on any of her social profiles yet. However, she is sharing some amazing photos, taken by mirmir, on her Instagram. And the current images on her profile do not show all of the guests yet. Oh, and there were no signs of “Jason Nash look-alike” Jeff as well.

Shane Dawson was there with Ryland Adams and his sister Morgan Adams. And if you see Shane Dawson, you’ll see Jeffree Star too. Jeffree, Shane, and Trisha are giving new meaning to the whole “Squad” thing. Like seriously, they can start an official squad of their own. Seeing Jeffree at Trisha’s party made our day.

Other guests included Nikocado Avocado, Zach Choi, her tour family, her mother, and sister, Trisha’s glam squad, Jeremy Thurber, ex-boyfriend Sean van der Wilt. Shane Dawson also surprised Trisha with a Cartier bracelet gift. Other guests also brought amazing gifts and made Trisha’s day more special.

The Mukbang trio Nikocado, Trisha and Zach are also celebrating their new friendship. Nikocado and Trisha had a public feud. However, everything is sorted now. As Trish says:

new YouTube friends this year who have inspired me and bettered new and motivated me in so many ways.

We hope to see more of Trisha’s parties soon.

Fun Fact: mirmir photos’ latest Instagram post is from Trisha’s party. Before that, you can see David Dobrik and his friends, excluding Jason Nash. Small world! just saying!

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