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You can visit the town of Mystic Falls from Vampire Diaries

Who doesn’t love Mystic Falls? I mean, every Vampire Diaries, Legacies, or The Originals fans must know and love the place so much. The town where so many mysteries reside. The home to the Gilberts, Salvatores, Forbes, Lockwoods, Youngs, Bennets and Matt Donovan. The place with Graveyard that has seen more resurrections than possible. The Grill and School that have survived and recovered from countless attacks. The house Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) burned when Jeremy (Steven McQueen) died. The Salvatore Mansion that, at one point or another, every one of our favorite cast has lived in. Not to forget the place of birth for our hot vampire brother duo, Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Stephan Salvatore (Paul Wesley).

If you didn’t already know, the town is not that out of reach. You can actually visit the mystical town of Mystic Falls!

The Vampire Stalker Mystic Falls Tour.

Mystic Falls Tours is a touring agency that is allowed exclusive access to the town of Mystic Falls. They call their tours The Vampire Stalkers as they offer packages to visit the town where our favorite cast shot for 9 years. Well, and counting since Legacies is still going on.

Here are their tour packages;

The Vampire Diaries Tour.

Take the cast’s #1 recommended tour for the Vampire Diaries and see iconic locations like the the Iconic Courthouse including the town square, the ever famous Gilbert house, Caroline Forbes House, Stefan and Elena’s “dream” house, the Whitmore campus area and many more scenes from all 8 seasons of the show including the exclusive Lockwood Mansion.

This tour sounds like a treat. By the way, the town also has original cast outfits displayed!

The Originals Tour.

Take the cast’s #1 recommended tour for the Originals and see iconic locations like Giuseppe’s Pub, Ruosseau’s Bar, The Voodoo Shop, the spot Dahlia killed Aiden and many more locations from the first season to the last season.

Taking a trip to the French Quarter to see places where Klaus Mikelson (Joseph Morgan) and his family fought to protect their Hope sounds like every TVD fan’s best Saturday!

The Legacies Tour

The Legacies Tour has a little bit of both, Mystic Falls and New Orleans.

Our Mystic Falls tour will include locations from Legacies including the town square, the graffiti window where Dana throws a milkshake at Lizzie, M.G’s Moms house from season 1. Season 2 has been on location in Covington so much we are adding locations weekly to the Mystic Falls tour as they air!

And The New Orleans location;

Our Originals tour includes locations from season 1 and a few from season 2 of Legacies. My favorite being Seyla’s Coffee shoppe. Many street locations and even some scenes where Hope has to ventured back to New Orleans. This tour is offered typically on Mondays and Fridays in the evening but does always require pre booking by calling the office.

Are you willing to take the trip to your favorite Town? All the tours are for $55.0. Grab the offers now! To motivate you here’s a video of travel blogger Kathrine Van-Lare visiting the town of Mystic Falls and your favorite cast’s houses.

Mystic Falls

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