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Yes, Hollywood's Henry Willson Was a Sexual Predator in Real Life

Yes, Hollywood’s Henry Willson Was a Sexual Predator in Real Life

Just like the series, Hollywood's Henry Willson had a notorious reputation of being a sexual predator and using his clients for his benefits.

Recently, Netflix and Ryan Murphy brought us an incredibly optimistic portrayal of Hollywood in the shape of a series with the same name. This show also became a comeback for Jim Parsons who played a famous and controversial agent. However, not many know the truth behind Hollywood’s Henry Willson.

After The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons stunned the audience with his new performance

Inspired by true events, Ryan Murphy’s Netflix show, Hollywood, revolves around a new and fresh mind of the industry in the post-war era. While the story seems a bit far from the reality of the 40s Hollywood, it is inspirational, refreshing, and delightful. The ensemble cast includes Darren Criss, David Corenswet, Dylan McDermott, Jake Picking, Jeremy Pope, Holland Taylor, and Samara Weaving. However, it was Hollywood’s Henry Willson played by Jim Parsons who caught the audiences’ eye. Based on the real-life agent, Parsons’ character is notorious, controlling, and somewhat evil. While his character does transform at the end of the show, it seems the real Hollywood’s Henry Willson had a different future.

It seems that real Hollywood’s Henry Willson was an actual predator

Throughout the show, Jim Parsons’ character was portrayed as a sexual predator who took advantage of his clients. In order to make them famous, he would exploit them and have his way. It seems the reality was not that different than the show’s portrayal. Hollywood’s Henry Willson is behind the beefcake craze of the 50s. Although his most famous client was the actor, Rock Hudson, his resume includes many stars. While he mostly preferred appearance over talent, he is famous for re-branding and transforming his clients. However, he is also known for his predatory behavior. Although the industry was aware of it, it was a public secret that Hollywood’s Henry Willson was gay. Most of his clients were also gay and he did an incredible job of hiding this fact. His reputation also includes seeking sexual services from his clients in exchange for representing them.

While it is unclear as to Rock Hudson was among those clients or not, Quentin Tarantino’s father, Tony has come forward with allegations. According to Tony, Willson asked him to live with him and offered a Cadillac and fame. He said:

‘He says, “You will treat me like your best girlfriend.” … I looked at him and said, “I don’t understand.” He explained in detail what he meant. He explained to me about or*l s*x … He explained to me about an*l s*x, and made that very clear.’

Apart from Tony, many books were written on Hollywood’s Henry Willson’s life also suggest the same. If that is the case, Jim Parsons does a great job with this character.

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