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Will Shane Dawson’s Net Worth in 2020 be affected following drama?

Following the multiple dramas that YouTuber Shane Dawson went through, his career took a hit. Not only were his YouTube channels demonetized, but his other sources of income were affected too. Target pulled his books from their shelves and his Conspiracy Palette with Jeffree Star is no longer selling at Morphe stores either. It looks like the internet is adamant about holding Shane Dawson accountable for his past problematic actions. So, what does it mean for the YouTuber’s net worth in 2020?

What does net worth really mean?

Well, to know that, you need to look into the actual definition of “net worth”. Investopedia’s exact definition is:

Net worth is the value the assets a person or corporation owns, minus the liabilities they owe.

The assets are something that a person owns. In this case, that means Shane Dawson’s assets are actually the things that he is the owner of. Which is his house that he recently moved into. Other assets of Shane may include his cars, other property that he owns, or if he was an owner of a business. When his career was affected, his ownership of these things did not change. That means Shane Dawson’s net worth would have remained the same if you just look at the conventional definition.

Shane Dawson did not talk about any liabilities (debts or payments that he owed to someone else). Plus, given his financial comfortability and the fact that he could purchase a new house valued at $3 million with ease means that he was not in debt. At least, not that the public knows of. So, before the drama took place, Shane Dawson’s net worth was valued at $12 million.

Understanding whether his YouTube Channel was an asset or not

Normally, to make things easier people took into account things that a person owned as their assets. That usually meant your car, your computer, your house, or your business. But recently, digital assets have become commonplace as well. Hence, Shane Dawson’s YouTube channels were assets of their own in a way. How?

Well, experts say in order for a YouTube channel to be considered an asset, it has to be:

1. It must share valuable content. 2. It must act as a vehicle or conduit to generating a positive cash flow. 3. It must go through a number of crucial steps to generate a positive cash flow.

For Shane Dawson, his new docuseries were definitely gaining a lot of views and generating a lot of revenue for him. Just his latest series with Jeffree Star racked up a lot of money for him. Not only that, but his signature style Conspiracy videos were also popular and helped him raise a lot of cash flow as well. Most of his videos were sponsored by big companies like Honey.

How his videos and channel have been affected

After his drama involving past pedophilic jokes, racist behavior, and the Tati Westbrook scandal, YouTube demonetized his videos. That means that his videos won’t generate revenue for him anymore as ads won’t be placed there. Even though there was no tangible value you could put to his YouTube videos, Shane Dawson’s net worth could be greatly affected by this.

His social blade also states that in the past 30 days, Shane Dawson has lost an average of 1.3 million subscribers. And his video views have decreased by about 1,173,212,612 users.

His books and makeup products won’t sell as much either

Shane Dawson has written two books so far, ‘I hate Myselfie’ and ‘It Gets Worse’. Both of which have been pulled from Target. Though, even if they are not available on Target, they can be bought on other platforms such as Amazon. But some people have turned their backs on Shane Dawson and do not want to support him anymore, even financially. There could be some that even boycott all products related to Shane Dawson.

As for the makeup palettes he created with Jeffree Star, it is still unclear how that would go about. We just know that Morphe cut ties with Jeffree Star Cosmetics as a whole. They did this after removing the Shane X Jeffree makeup line from their shop. That’s a big step for Morphe to take after the Shane X Jeffree line sold millions of units.

These sources of income for Shane have been affected as well. That is definitely going to affect Shane Dawson’s net worth in 2020.

It also must be noted that Shane had a podcast, ‘Shane and Friends’ in 2013. It ran till 2017 but all the episodes have now been deleted because it had a lot of controversial content in it. He also made a movie ‘Not Cool’ that people can purchase to watch but it was not popular and it’s not likely it would help retain the revenue Shane Dawson gained from his new ventures.

Will Shane Dawson’s Net Worth decrease significantly?

We all know that Shane Dawson’s sources of income have been affected. Plus, the products that he does have to sell such as his makeup line and books, are something that people would not want to buy because of the fact they don’t want to associate with Shane anymore. So, it’s probable that Shane Dawson’s net worth may decrease.

Shane has addressed past problematic content but he has not addressed the Willow Smith video, something which prompted YouTube and Morphe to make their decisions. He has also not talked about Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star, and James Charles drama that is going on. He just briefly reacted to it on Instagram Live.

Despite his friend Jeffree Star being present on social media platforms in subtle ways, Shane Dawson has not been online on any of the platforms. He has not made any public statements or made any apologies.

Let’s see if he apologizes for this and whether that would be enough to regain his net worth.

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